In this video, we'll be drawing advanced expressions by giving characters asymmetrical eyebrows.

Draw eyebrows that don't match.

I use asymmetrical eyebrows when I want to draw the following complex expressions: mischievous, confused, skeptical, or other funny looking faces.

Let's draw a mischievous expression.

First, you want to start off with your base, the head, which is a circle, two eyes, and a nose. Draw a smiley face. Make two asymmetrical eyebrows, one that is curved down, and one that is kind of curved slightly up. And this makes him look slightly mischievous. Right?

Confused is up next.

You'll want to change the mouth shape. And I've also added a little bit of two lines underneath the eyes for inner lids. I like to use these just as little lines for expression.

Let's draw skeptical and perplexed characters.

Here, I'm going to draw one line on the left side that is slightly curved, and one that is more straight. Let's draw him looking to the right. And so that could be a skeptical looking expression. Basically, you just want to experiment with how you can change the eyebrows, as well as the placement of where the eyeballs are looking, as well as the placement of the mouth. And you can create these funny looking, perplexed faces.

The key note here is eyebrows usually match for normal expressions, but for confused, mischievous, perplexed, puzzled looking faces, you'll want your eyebrows not to match. Watch the YouTube video for the full demonstration.