Neil Gaiman gave a speech that I love called, "Make Good Art." I want to talk to you about some of the concepts in the speech, but I want to reframe it as, "Just Make Art." 
I love this concept. Neil Gaiman talks about how art can save your life and that you want to strive to make good art that only you can create. I completely agree with this idea, and actually, it's something that motivates me to continue to grow as an artist and as a storyteller.

Just take the first step.

But I want to share something with youI think that we put too much judgment into whether our art is good or not. Now, I do that to myself all the time. But I also remind myself that every journey starts with just the first step. Judging our work in the beginning stages isn't as helpful as finishing what we've started.

Give yourself a win.

And so, what you want to do, especially when you're starting a project, is to give yourself a little win. You want to make something that gives you momentum. It's the first version, and it's okay. It's meant to be messy, or loose, or not that great. So in other words, just make art, and don't worry about it.

Develop your creative process.

Now the truth about making good art is that it actually takes a lot of effort and craft, so that's where you want to focus on developing your creative process. That is why I like to think of storytellers as craftsmen. We actually have a creative process for creating ideas and turning them into stories.

Focus on creating first.

And so to end, I'll just reemphasize that we want to focus on creating art first, not judging ourselves. If you just make art, it won't be long before you'll start making good art.