I’m going to give you a variety of references to choose from, show you a mental model, and then show you how to draw a mouse. If you’d like to watch a YouTube demonstration from one of my Drawing Bootcamp workshops, I’m including it below.






Mental Model


First, we find the simple shapes. A mouse has a big circle or oval for a body, a medium-sized triangle for a head, and two little ovals for ears.



Then we can use lines to make the tail, legs, and feet. There are a variety of simple ways you can design these.



If you want to make your mouse cute, give it a bigger head. Babies’ heads are larger in proportion to their bodies.


Master Study


Leo Lionni, one of my favorite artists, keeps his mice super simple. He uses a circle for the body, triangle for the head, two ovals for the ears and rectangles for the legs.



Challenging Yourself


And once you've learned how to draw a mouse, you can move on to similar animals . . . like this hamster!



Thanks for learning with us!