We’re going to draw a hut today, making use of contrast with big, middle, and small shapes. If you’d like, you can watch this YouTube video from my Drawing Bootcamp.



Starting Simple



We aren’t starting out drawing houses like this mansion because they’re too hard, and I don’t want you to get discouraged. Instead, we’re drawing a hut as a flat image to learn the basics. We've tackled perspective in other posts.


Using References


It’s always a good to have some references. They help you see the simple shapes you’ll need for your mental model, and you might get ideas for patterns and setting.



Building Mental Model


Let’s keep our mental models simple. A triangle or semi-circle on top of a square or rectangle will work.



Drawing in 2D


We’re going to draw a hut in 2D, using big, middle, and small shapes. Then you can give it more personality by adding patterns. You can make your patterns consistent, or you can vary them. Have fun with it!



Thanks for learning with us!