1. Crafting Picture Book Stories

2. Making Picture Book Dummies

3. Drawing Bootcamp 1: Mental Models

4. Drawing Bootcamp 2: Invention

5. Character Design

6. Picture Book Illustration

7. Picture Book Production Design

8. Submission Ready

1. Watercolor Illustration

2. Adobe Illustrator


1. Creative Habits and Focus with Arree Chung

2. Writing Voice with Carter Higgins

3. Build an Author Website with Ken Lamug

4. Adobe Illustrator with Jannie Ho

5. Rhyming for Picture Books with Tim McCanna

6. Early Readers with Marcie Collins

7. Shapes & Textures with Kenard Pak

8. Watercolors with Jessixa Bagley

9. Symbolism & Storytelling with Kathryn Otoshi

10. Teach, Don't Preach with Dashka Slater

11. Photoshop Tips and Tricks with Michael Slack

12. Business Basics with Arree Chung

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