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Published Professionals Share Their Knowledge and Creative Processes with You!

Self-Study Signature Courses

Crafting Picture Book Stories

Get Arree's step-by-step process for turning your ideas into picture book stories.

Making Picture Book Dummies

Get a step-by-step process for making dummies and revising your story.

Writing Picture Book Manuscripts

Learn how to write a picture book in manuscript form and how to edit your own work.

Picture Book Wordsmith

Master alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia, musicality and cadence.

Drawing 1: Drawing with Mental Model

Learn foundational drawing concepts and get a step-by-step approach to drawing. Drawing Bootcamp will help you improve your drawings and invent out of your head.

Drawing 2: Drawing in 3-D

Learn how to draw with perspective. Practicing with Alex's demos, tips, and daily drawings will help you build the muscle memory and confidence to level-up in your drawing ability.

Character Design

Learn Vanessa's creative process in developing characters for picture books.

Picture Book Production Design

Get Arree's step-by-step process for turning your ideas into picture book stories.

Ariel Richardson & Melissa Manlove

Submission Ready

Melissa Manlove and Ariel Richardson, two editors from Chronicle books, help you refine your picture book story and become submission ready.

Self-Study Mini-Classes

Adobe Illustrator

Learn the tools of Adobe Illustrator and practice making characters and props.

Best Creative Year Ever!

Twelve months ago we thought, "Let's make 2020 the best creative year ever!" And then 2020 happened. Now we can take the mindset, creative habits, and planning we wanted for 2020 and apply them to 2021!

Build an Author Business

Learning the five pillars of business will change the way you think about your author business. Learn how to create an author business that supports your creativity.

Building Author Website

Finally build the author website you've been intending to make. Ken Lamug walks you through every step of the process of building a WordPress website.

Crafting a Strong Beginning

Learn how to make your story opening an invitation, an introduction, and a promise. Marcie Colleen will teach you the four essential elements of a strong beginning.

Creating Characters

Create memorable and believable characters that pop off the page.

Creative Focus & Habits

Get clarity on your biggest creative goals and establish habits to achieve them.

Find My Art Style

Are you lost when it comes to art styles? How do you discover your artistic voice? In this intensive, you'll learn a step-by-step approach to developing your art style based on design and story.

How to Query Agents

Learn how to find agents and write a better query. You'll also gain access to a directory of over 100 of the best picture book agents, which includes examples of clients and books they've represented.

Photoshop Basics

Learn the tools of Photoshop and practice making characters.

Picture Book Story Frameworks

Learn how to use story frameworks (not formulas) for character, two-character, and high concept stories so that you can identify and improve your own stories.

Storytelling in Rhyme

Identify and avoid pitfalls, while building a strong foundation for your rhyming stories.

Symbolism & Storytelling

Learn how Kathryn uses symbolism to make powerful picture books that reach kids.

Textures in Your Illustrations

Learn how to design shapes and create textures for your illustrations.


Learn how Jessixa uses watercolor in her picture books. Experiment with her techniques, and make beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Writing Humor

Laurie Keller shares her process for how and why she adds humor to stories and non-fiction.

Writing Natural Rhyme That Sells

Learn on how to properly rhyme for picture books.

Writing Voice

Learn how to craft voice for picture books with picture book extraordinaire Carter Higgins.

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