One-Day Picture Book Bootcamp

Make a Creative Breakthrough in 2019

All Proceeds Go To Charity: We Need Diverse Books & First Book

WHEN: November 23, 2018 | WHERE: Online Livestream

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Stay Home! Avoid the Crowds! Spend Black Friday

Building Your Picture Book Skills!

Black Friday...

The one day, every year, that seemingly normal people brave crowded parking lots and mile-long lines . . . all so they can save a little money to buy stuff no one needs for people they don't even like.

Okay, so maybe it's not that bad, but when it comes to Black Friday, all I have to say is, "BAH-HUMBUG!"

This year, try something different!

Instead of wasting your time following masses, you can spend the day with some of the best picture book pros in the children's book industry.

It's called "Black Friday Bootcamp," and this year the theme is all about making a creative breakthrough in 2019!

Here's a Taste of What You'll Learn During Each Session:

SESSION 1: How to Create Characters for Picture Books

9 AM PST - 9:45 AM PST

What goes into creating an iconic character that kids and adults love? How do you make your character stand out?

Vanessa will reveal how she researches and designs characters. You'll learn how to build iconic characters for your picture book story. 

Note- bring your pencil and paper and get ready to draw!

Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Illustrator of Grandma's Purse, Mary Had a Little Glam & many moire picture books

SESSION 2: The Hierarchy of Revision

10 AM PST - 10:45 AM PST

You've heard that writing is re-writing. But what's the most effective way to approach revision? Learn from this picture book pro!

Jim Averbeck will walk you through the process of revision with new clarity. Improve your revision process with the Hierarchy of Revision to make your stories shine.


Jim Averbeck

Author of Trevor & the Sophia Picture Book Series

SESSION 3: Illustrating with Adobe Illustrator

11 AM PST - 11:45 AM PST

Jannie Ho, also known as Chicken Girl, illustrates board books and picture books that kids love. What's her go-to tool of choice? Adobe Illustrator!

In this session, Jannie will demonstrate how she uses Adobe Illustrator to  create illustrations for children's books.

Jannie Ho

Author/Illustrator of Board Books

SESSION 4: Crafting Voice

1 PM PST - 1:45 PM PST

Do you struggle with getting the voice just right for your picture book? Have you tried writing your picture book in several different voices?

Learn how to craft voice for picture books from Senior Editor, Melissa Manlove of Chronicle Books 

Melissa Manlove

Senior Editor

Chronicle Books

SESSION 5: My Publication Journey

 2:00 PM PST - 2:45 PM PST

2018 was a great year for Storyteller Academy members. Abi, Elaine, LaRonda, and Isabella all received their first book contracts from publishers. Yay! 

Arree will moderate a panel discussion on their publication journey. Abi, Elaine, LaRonda and Isabella will share what their aha moments were, what didn't work and what led to creative breakthroughs. You don't want to miss this one!


SESSION 6: Making A Creative Breakthrough & Makers

 3:00 PM PST - 3:45 PM PST

Want to make a creative breakthrough in 2019? Arree will share with you the skills necessary to become a published author or illustrator as well as the steps to building a successful career.

Arree will also share Storyteller Academy's curriculum for 2019 and the Makers Membership starting in 2019.

Arree Chung

Published Author/Illustrator

CEO, Storyteller Academy

By the Time We're Finished, You'll Have the Knowledge and a Plan to Help YOU Create Your Picture Book in 2019!

And best of all, it's only $20.

That's right, you're getting livestream access to this virtual workshop (that could easily sell for hundreds of dollars) for less than you'd spend on a "Tickle-Me-Elmo." (Remember when those were a thing?) 😉

More importantly, when you register, we'll donate 100% of the revenue to charities that bring literature to underserved communities and support diversity in children's books. So, not only do you get access to a great event, but your ticket sale goes to a great cause.

What are you waiting for? Claim your spot now!

(NOTE: Your ticket includes Livestream access PLUS on-demand replay access through January 31, 2019.)

The Schedule

8:30 - 9:00 Greetings & Introduction

9:00 AM - Creating Characters  (45 min) + Q&A (15 min)

10:00 AM - Hierarchy of Revision (45 min) + Q&A (15 min)

11:00 AM - Illustrating with Adobe Illustrator (45 min) + Q&A (15 min)


1:00 - Crafting Voice (45 min) + Q&A (15 min)

2:00 - My Publishing Journey Panel (45 min)+ Q&A (15 min)

3:00 - Creative Breakthrough, The Success Path & Makers (45 min)+ Q&A 

Create A Breakthrough in 2019 with Black Friday Bootcamp


Make a creative breakthrough and contribute to a great cause...

(NOTE: Your ticket includes Livestream access PLUS on-demand replay access through January 31, 2019.)


We Learn. We Make Stories. We Give Back.

Arree Chung Founded Storyteller Academy in 2017 with a single course on how to make picture book stories and dummies. Since then, hundreds of storytellers have taken Storyteller Academy courses to hone their craft. Elaine Kearns, LaRonda Middleton and Abi Cushman have received publishing contracts for their stories.

Our mission is to help aspiring Storytellers learn the art of storytelling by sharing our creative process intimately. And that's exactly what we'll do on Black Friday. In our inaugural "Black Friday Bootcamp," we'll be sharing what we've learned as published authors and illustrators. 

All proceeds from Black Friday Bootcamp will go to charity. Our goal this year is to donate $20,000 to We Need Diverse Books and First Book. 

 The mission of We Need Diverse Books is to put more books featuring diverse characters into the hands of all children.

First Book transforms the lives of children by providing books and basic needs to underserved communities.

Our mission is simple: We want to transform "Black Friday," one of the most painfully consumeristic days of the year, into a day of learning and a day of GIVING.

So, put that turkey leg down and join us! You'll be glad you did. 🙂



Hurry, this special $20 offer won't last long!!

WARNING: There will be a limited number of seats available and we have a large number of people interested in this bootcamp, so please be sure to show up 5 minutes early so you don't get locked out!

But... you'd better HURRY, there are a finite number of spots available and over 20,000 people on our email list, so reserve your spot right now.

When the timer hits 00 : 00 : 00, this special bootcamp will be gone forever.

(NOTE: Your ticket includes Livestream access PLUS on-demand replay access through 1/31/19.)


1. Our Mission Is Growth!


If you haven't heard, Storyteller Academy's Mission is to help aspiring Storytellers learn the art of storytelling. We know what it's like to have ideas and to dream about becoming a published author or illustrator. We also know what it takes to achieve this goal. We've helped hundreds of storytellers learn the craft, and our members are getting published! After this bootcamp training, you will have a plan to achieve your creative goals in 2019.

2. We wanted to raise money for a great cause!

We will be donating 100% of the revenue from this bootcamp to TWO very special charities. First Book's mission is to transform lives through equal access education, and We Need Diverse Books's mission is to put more books featuring diverse characters into the hands of all children. Our goal is to raise $20,000 ($10,000 for each charity), and with your help, I'm confident we'll get there!

3. Crowds stink, and this is a great excuse to get out of shopping!

Repeat after me: "I'd love to go shopping, park 5 miles away, and stand in line for sales I could just as easily find online, but I just have to work." Seriously, unless you're already working because your brick & mortar business is having a Black Friday sale of its own, you shouldn't be caught dead at a store on Friday.

Instead, plant yourself firmly in front of your computer and start working on your creative breakthrough for 2019.

4. We all have a lot to be thankful for this year.

This has been a great year, so we're happy to share what's working for us as a sincere gesture of gratitude and appreciation.

Our Goal is to Donate $20,000!

Yep, you read that right. This year, Storyteller Academy's goal is to DONATE $20,000 to bring diversity to children's books and to support underserved communities.

Donating $20,000 is a BIG goal. I'm going to need ALL the help I can get to reach it . . .

. . . and I really, REALLY want to reach that goal.

I want to reach this goal to make a dent. It's up to us to donate and to make books for the children who need them. Several of us at Storyteller Academy team are giving up a part of our holiday to make this bootcamp happen, and I want to reach this goal for YOU.

Yep, for you.

Making a great story and getting published is a long journey, but you don't have to go on this journey alone. I want to help you reach your publishing goals, and you can help me raise funds to support two great causes I care deeply about.  

Join me for this year's Black Friday Bootcamp and learn from published pros. You'll take away inspiration and knowledge to help you make a creative breakthrough in 2019.

This Black Friday, Learn and Give

Join us to hone your craft and contribute to a great cause.

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