Children's Book Challenge Week

We help storytellers master the art of storytelling and build a business.

Upcoming Free Event: April 26th - May 1st

Spend a week learning from published authors, illustrators, (and two editors!).

Registration Opens APRIL 16TH


Time: 10:00 AM PDT

Monday, April 26th

Craft a Picture Book Story with Arree Chung and Abi Cushman

Tuesday, April 27th

Develop Story Ideas with “The Assignment” with Jim Averback

Wednesday, April 28th

Picture Book Wordsmith with Carter Higgins

Thursday, April 29th

Draw like Richard Scarry with Alex Leon

Friday, April 30th

Stuck on your Novel? with Sage Blackwood

Saturday, May 1st

Business of Books with Arree Chung and Myrna Foster

While we encourage storytelling creativity at all ages, Children's Book Challenge Week is designed for adults writing for children and would not best serve writers under the age of 15.
registration STARTS IN:

For questions or inquiries please email us at

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