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Drawing Bootcamp



  • Fundamental Drawing Concepts
  • Understand How To Stylize
  • Construct Figures & Animals
  • Draw With Perspective
  • Tell Stories Visually


Arree Chung is the founder of Storyteller Academy, as well as an author/illustrator. Arree’s Ninja! series has received starred reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal. Today Arree lives a creative life, making stories for children. Arree spends most of his time making picture books, writing middle grade novels, and sharing his love for art, design, and storytelling with kids and dreamers everywhere.



Drawing Concepts

  • Drawing Is A Technical Skill
  • Drawing & The Brain
  • Survey of Popular Art Styles In Children's Books
  • The Power of A Drawing Habit
  • Drawing Materials List

WK 1: Drawing Concepts

  • Drawing Concepts & Elements of Design
  • The Shapes of Things & Designing Shapes
  • Construction with Simple Shapes
  • Composition and Appeal
  • How To Create Depth (2D and 3D)
  • Line & Shapes Drawing Exercises

WK 2: Drawing with Shapes & Symbols

  • Graphic Design & Symbols
  • How to Design Shapes
  • How to Simplify Complex Objects
  • How to Construct with Basic Shapes
  • Daily Drawing Exercises

WK 3: Drawing Animals

  • Gesture For Animals
  • Shapes to use
  • Centerline & Corners
  • Designing Animals & Characters
  • Daily Drawing Exercises

WK 4: Drawing Characters

  • Gesture
  • Shapes to Use
  • Centerline & Corners
  • How to Draw Babies, Kids, & Adults
  • Daily Drawing Exercises

WK 5: 1 Point Perspective

  • 1 Perspective & Depth Explained
  • How To Easily Draw 1 point
  • Shadows & Sizing
  • Drawing Objects in 1 point perspective
  • Storytelling in 1 point perspective
  • Daily Drawing Exercises

WK 6: 2 Point Perspective

  • 2 Perspective & Depth Explained
  • How To Draw 2 Point Perspective
  • Shadows & Sizing
  • Drawing Objects in 2 point perspective
  • Storytelling in21 point perspective
  • Daily Drawing Exercises



Every Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. PST.


We use Zoom.us to meet. You'll receive a meeting link to join the course.


Students enrolled in the course and workshop can submit their work for live review and feedback. Replays are available.


Literary Agents Featured: Rubin Pfeffer, Rubin Pfeffer Content Lori Kilkelly, Rodeen Literary Management Jen Rofe, Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Children's Book Editors Featured: Mary Kate Castellani, Senior Children's Editor,  Bloombury Kate Farrell, Senior Editor, Henry Holt (MacMillian) Ariel Richardson, Children's Editor, Chronicle Books


"As an elementary school art teacher with a 10-year tenure, armed with a master's in education, I thought I was capable of writing and illustrating a picture book in a fairly decent way.  Little did I know that I didn't know about the ABC's of crafting a good picture book. This course is the best thing that happened to me in helping me both understand and practice the art of compelling storytelling. " Dorothy Wawa

Art Teacher / Storyteller

“I have learned rule-after-rule about picture book writing …but the creative side of me got buried in that immense load of left-brain wonderful knowledge. I have had some great past instructors, but I could not get to the fun and creative side of my imagination to bring my stories forth and on paper…until now. All that has changed … thanks to this course with Arree Chung. This course is so well put together.  It especially keeps up with the style of the printed picture books of today increasing your potential for publication. The creative side of writing and, if you wish, illustrating your picture book ideas can be done here with the help of Arree and Storyteller Academy. I highly recommend Storyteller Academy.   And, I can’t say enough about the personable and encouraging Arree Chung.  His own recent published pictures books speak volumes of his knowledge and creativity.” Stella Lopez

Summer 2017 / Storyteller Academy Student

"I think this course ( Arree's) has been exactly what I needed to move forward. I can hardly wait to begin another story after I polish this one some more. I like your videos Arree! Seeing the work you put into developing your books and seeing examples are what works for me." Maggie Griessmeier


"I love the course so far, and I love that it is lifetime membership because 12 weeks isn't enough for me to polish my unwritten stories and ideas." Mikki Hwang

Summer 2017 / Storyteller Academy Student


Arree Story Coach & Instructor
Jasmin Member Support
Casey Critique Group Coordinator