Make 2020 Your Best Creative Year Ever!

Let go of your limitations and reach your creative potential.

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What You’ll Learn

Believe in Yourself
What story are you telling yourself about yourself? It takes courage to believe in yourself. Sometimes we place limits on ourselves because limits can help us feel safe. How are you playing small to feel safe, and what kind of internal work can you do to make the impossible possible? When we let go of our limitations, then we can achieve anything. Your story is the most important story you will ever tell.

Nurture Your Relationship with Creativity
What is your current relationship with creativity? Do you enjoy spending time with your ideas and stories? Does your work feel like a love affair, or is it a grind that leaves you wondering why won't they just pay the bills already? Arree borrows some concepts from Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic to discuss the importance of loving your creativity.

Look at the Past to Plan Your Future
Throughout this intensive, you're going to be answering personal questions to help you work through the good and the bad parts of your last decade. We're hoping that you'll choose to let go of anything that isn't serving you so that you can move on to 2020 without any of the limitations or emotional baggage that have been holding you back.

A decade is a long time. You can decide how you want the next ten years to look. And then you can believe that 2020 will be the better chapter in your story that you'd like it to be. It's your story. How will you tell it?

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Retail: $60 | Discounted Price: $20 | SAVE 67%


In this intensive, you'll determine which mindsets have helped, and which have hindered you in the last decade. Arree's lessons will have worksheets with questions you can ask yourself that will help you pinpoint which direction you should go. This year, leave your limitations behind, and have the best creative year ever in 2020! 


Arree Chung is an award winning author/illustrator and the founder of Storyteller Academy. Arree's Ninja! series has received starred reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal. Mixed won the FCBG award for the top Children's Book in the UK in 2019.

Today, Arree lives a creative life making stories for children and teaching storytelling and art. Arree loves sharing his passion for storytelling, design and art with children and dreamers everywhere.

Arree Chung

Author/Illustrator & Founder of Storyteller Academy

Published Books


Mini-class Details

In this 60-minute intensive, you'll determine which mindsets have helped, and which have hindered you in the last decade. Arree's lessons will have worksheets with questions you can ask that will help you leave your limitations behind. Do the internal work so that you can have the best creative year ever in 2020. A replay of the live review will be available.

Lesson 1

Does what you believe about yourself help or hinder you? Do you have a limitation or barrier (like the four-minute mile) that you can leave behind as you go into 2020?

Lesson 2
Learn From the Past

You can't change the past, but you can learn from it and move on.

Lesson 3
Big Magic

Fall in love with your ideas and stories. Nurture your creativity. What's your vision for the future? Who do you need to be to make it happen?

Lesson 4
Focus and One Thing

When setting goals, remember that less is more. Learn how to set SMARTER goals and set yourself up for success.


Best Creative Year Ever

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you work through this intensive, answering the questions thoroughly and honestly, it's going to help you process and let go of the past so that you can have more success in the future.

Our thoughts and beliefs are important because they become our reality.

Yes, if you want to move forward, you need to answer the questions and thoroughly as you can. Doing the work is always the most important part of our intensives, and this kind of internal work really does pay off, probably more than setting goals.

No. This intensive isn't just about setting goals. It's more about learning from the past and changing your beliefs about yourself. You can choose to revise your story about yourself into a better one at any point in the year. 

And you might come out of it with SMARTER goals. 

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