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Base Your Strategy on The Five Pillars of Business.

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What You’ll Learn

The 5 Pillars of Business
If you've taken business classes, you might already be familiar with The 5 Pillars of Business: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Product/Service, and Customer Service. But do you know how they apply to an author business?

In this intensive, Arree covers business basics and how they apply to the children's book industry. He'll help you identify your three customers, their desires, and the problems you can solve for them.

Real Children's Book Numbers
Would you like to look at an author/illustrator's real numbers to get an idea of what might be possible? Arree shares his numbers for advances, royalties, school visits, and foreign rights so that you can figure out how you're going to make a living in the children's book industry.

He also goes over costs for traditional publishers and self-publishers to help you see where responsibilities fall, and why a lot of people who go into self-publishing without understanding those responsibilities don't make a profit.

Strategies and Tactics for Your Chosen Business Model
Do you have a plan for what kind of career you want to have? Do you want to eventually quit your job and make books full-time, or do you just want to do it part-time? There isn't a right or a wrong answer. You're going to have to make a plan based on your circumstances, your strengths, and what you want.

Whether you want to self-publish or use the traditional publishing model, Arree has guidelines for both pre-published and published authors to help you make the best business decisions.

When you've finished this intensive, you should understand exactly what you should be working on to further your career as a children's book author or author/illustrator. You'll also have a plan for what comes next and where you want to be in five years. You might even have a plan for what you'll be doing in ten years. 

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Retail: $60 | Discounted Price: $20 | SAVE 67%


In this intensive, you'll learn business basics and children's industry numbers to help you choose your own business model. Once you have a model, you can formulate a strategy for the phase you're in (pre-published or published) and tactics to help you intentionally develop the career you want to have.


Arree Chung is an award winning author/illustrator and the founder of Storyteller Academy. Arree's Ninja! series has received starred reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal. Mixed won the FCBG award for the top Children's Book in the UK in 2019.

Today, Arree lives a creative life making stories for children and teaching storytelling and art. Arree loves sharing his passion for storytelling, design and art with children and dreamers everywhere.

Arree Chung

Author/Illustrator & Founder of Storyteller Academy

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Mini-class Details

In this 65-minute intensive, you'll get the information you need to choose the best business model for your author business. Arree's lessons will have worksheets and handouts, and you'll have access to all of the slides in his presentations in the form of a downloadable PDF. Not only will this intensive cover business basics, Arree will help you play to your strengths to formulate your own business strategy and tactics. A replay of the live review will be available.

Lesson 1
Business Basics

Learn the five pillars of business and how to apply them to your author business. Identify your three customers, their desires, and the problems you can solve for them.

Lesson 2
The Book Business and the Children's Book Industry

You need to understand both business models (traditional publishing and self-publishing) to make good business decisions. Take a look at the numbers and responsibilities you'll take on with both models.

Lesson 3
How to Build an Author Business

Plan your author or author/illustrator journey. Learn what you're getting yourself into so that you'll have realistic expectations and understand your options.

Lesson 4
Business Strategy and Tactics

Learn the best business strategy and tactics for the phase you're in of the business model that you've chosen. This is something you can adjust as you move from one phase to the other. In this lesson, you'll also make a plan for your value ladder (how you can give your customers more value) based on your strengths.


Build an Author Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arree breaks down the strategies and tactics for two publishing models: traditional publishing and self-publishing. Then he breaks down what you need to be doing in different phases: pre-publication and after you're published. If you aren't published yet, you can use the Five Pillars of Business to help you get there.

Yes! Whether you're published traditionally or have published your own books, Arree's Value Ladder Worksheet (and all of the lessons leading up to it) can help you use your strengths to offer customers more value.

It's true that having an agent and a marketing/sales team at a publisher will take a lot of the work off your shoulders, which is why Arree recommends that business model. BUT you're better off making your own overall plan than just following plans made for you by other people. Learning all of your options will help you formulate the best overall strategy if you want to make this a career.

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