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What You’ll Learn

The Three Main Art Styles in Children’s Books
Do you know which art styles successful illustrators are using in today's children's books? Would you like to have an award-winning author/illustrator teach you how to use those three styles? Arree Chung will not only explain how to use each style, he'll also demonstrate how to revise an existing illustration, using all three styles.

How Mood Boards Can Help You Find Your Style
If your art style is your artistic voice, then you can see why getting the tone/feeling right would be essential. Arree will show you how he used inspiration from other illustrators to capture the right mood in his stories. You'll create mood boards to help you find the right color palette, details, etc. for your story.

The Five Core Elements of Style
How do you make sure that you're nailing all the right things in your illustration? Arree has a step-by-step list for you to follow. As you work your way down the list, using Arree's demos to help you through your decisions, you're going to see real improvement in your art style. 

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Retail: $60 | Discounted Price: $20 | SAVE 67%


In this mini-class, you'll learn how to illustrate in the three main illustration styles used in today's children's books. Through making a mood board for your story, you'll choose your style. Then Arree's demos will show you how to make important decisions regarding the details. 


Arree Chung is an award winning author/illustrator and the founder of Storyteller Academy. Arree's Ninja! series has received starred reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal. Mixed won the FCBG award for the top Children's Book in the UK in 2019.

Today, Arree lives a creative life making stories for children and teaching storytelling and art. Arree loves sharing his passion for storytelling, design and art with children and dreamers everywhere.

Arree Chung

Author/Illustrator & Founder of Storyteller Academy

Published Books


Mini-Class Details

In this 57-minute mini-class, you'll discover an art style that fits your story and your personality. Arree's lessons each have a handout to help you process the video lessons and demos. The live review/workshop for this class will be on Saturday, May 30 at noon, PST. If you miss the live review, a replay will be available.

Lesson 1

Learn the three main styles of illustration used in today's children's books. Practice each one to help you find the right style for your book.

Lesson 2
Mood Boards

Find illustrations that have the feeling and tone you want to capture. Use them to figure out the right style for your story. Make a mood board and narrow your three main style choices down to one.

Lesson 3
Style Experiments

Refine your style by experimenting and selecting the best choices as you work through The Five Core Elements of Style. Demos provided.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Having your own art style will help you sell your illustrations and stories. Your style is your artistic voice, your brand. You want it to be iconic and recognizable. This mini-class will help you develop a more iconic style. 

Yes! Each story that you create is going to have its own tone and voice. Your art style will need to change to strike the right tone. Arree's lessons and demos will show you how to do that.

Yes! Looking for an agent is an important step in your career. You want to make the best impression possible, and developing an iconic style and showcasing it in your portfolio will definitely help you find an agent.

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