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What You’ll Learn

Some of the Best Resources for Researching Agents
Do you know how to find agents who represent picture books? We kept hearing that there just weren't many agents out there who represented picture books, so we put together a directory of over 100 of the best picture book agents (which isn't even comprehensive) and shared all of the resources you'd need to find agents and their preferences on your own.

How to Write a Better Query
If you're not quite sure how to query agents, Myrna will walk you through everything to include in your query. And then she'll share queries that worked and point out why they worked. Good queries have the same elements. They give agents the information they need, and hopefully they help agents see how much they want to work with you and sell your stories.

Interact with Agents Professionally
What do you do if an agent asks you to revise and resubmit? Which questions should you ask an agent offering representation? What if an agent never responds? Learn how to handle agent responses professionally and watch out for red flags.

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Retail: $60 | Discounted Price: $20 | SAVE 67%


In this mini-class, you'll learn how to find and query agents who could be a good fit for you and your stories. Myrna will teach you how to write a query, using examples of queries that helped some of our Storyteller Academy students sign with agents. You'll also gain access to a directory of over 100 of the best picture book agents, which includes examples of clients and books they've represented.


Myrna Foster is the Education Director for Storyteller Academy and the WriteRiders Newsletter Editor for SCBWI Nevada. She has spent over a decade teaching and coaching children, including five years as a preschool teacher. She's also worked as a journalist, and Highlights High Five has published six of her poems. 

Myrna Foster

Mini-Class Details

In this 65-minute mini-class, you'll learn how research is the key that sets you up for querying success, and you'll get the resources you need to research efficiently. Myrna's lessons have handouts to give you easy access to the resources in the video lessons. You'll also learn how to write a picture book query, and you'll be able to submit your query for a chance at a critique from Myrna during the live review. The live review/workshop for this class will be on Saturday, May 30 at noon, PST. If you miss the live review, a replay will be available.

Lesson 1
Resources for Researching Agents

Learn how to find the best picture book agents for you and your story.

Lesson 2
Write a Better Query

Use your research to personalize your query and follow submission guidelines. Learn which elements belong in a query, and see how they can come together in different ways by looking at some examples that worked.

Lesson 3
Handle Agent Responses Professionally

Learn how and when to respond to agents during the query process and after they offer representation. This lesson includes red flags to watch out for and questions you could ask an agent offering representation.


How to Query Agents

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Frequently Asked Questions

While it is possible to sell your picture book to one of the smaller publishers without an agent, the big publishers will only accept submissions that come through agents. On average, picture book authors and illustrators with agents make more money than those without agents. A good agent has negotiating power that most of us simply don't have.

Yes, you can still get an agent if you've self published. The agent probably won't be interested in your already published books, though. You'll need to query with something new.

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