Hook Your Readers with Humor!

Discover Different Ways to Write Humor with Laurie Keller.

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What You’ll Learn

How to Pay Attention
What's so funny? Everybody loves to laugh, but writing humor isn't easy. In this mini-class, Laurie Keller will help you identify your own humor/comedy preferences and how to make your writing funny. 

Start with a Funny Idea
Discover different ways to write humor. Laurie will share examples from her own picture books of puns, parodies, wordplay, sideline stories, times she's used humor to lighten a heavy moment, and lots of fun details that kids love. She'll show you how to liven up nonfiction facts and tidbits. And you'll see how playing with voice can really bring out the humor in a story.

You'll also see an example of jokes that didn't work, and Laurie will talk about when it's important to “kill your darlings.” 

The Importance of Conveying Emotion
Do you know how to use humor to escalate emotion in a story, ease tension, or lighten a heavy moment? It’s important to convey emotion in your writing, and adding humor can be an effective, surprising, and fun way to do that.

Laurie will have you looking at how to set up page turns that escalate emotion and tension. She'll show you how to use subtext to keep your readers turning pages. We hope her enthusiasm for revision and having fun with the process will rub off on everyone.

When you've finished this intensive, you should have the tools you need to make your writing more fun for readers and yourself. 

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Retail: $60 | Discounted Price: $20 | SAVE 67%


In this fun mini-class, you'll learn a lot of different strategies for writing humor for children. Laurie will emphasize the importance of effective page turns and escalating emotion in the story. The three handouts will outline her strategies with examples from her books.


Laurie Keller is an award-winning author/illustrator of many children's books. She won the 2017 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award for WE ARE GROWING, her first early reader. Many of her books have some kind of educational or nonfiction element. Some have even been turned into fun educational videos. 

Laurie Keller

Award-Winning Author/Illustrator

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Mini-Class Details

In this 108-minute mini-class, you'll get the strategies you need to figure out what kind of humor will work best for you. Laurie's lessons have handouts that break everything down with examples from her books.  The live review/workshop for this class will be on Saturday, August 29 at noon, PDT. If you miss the live review, a replay will be available.

Lesson 1
Pay Attention, Dammit!

Learn the best way for you to discover humor. Laurie will share her favorite methods.

Lesson 2
A Potato, a State and a Doughnut Walk into a Book...

It all starts with a funny idea! Laurie shares some of her favorite strategies for writing humor.

Lesson 3
Emotion Commotion!

Learn how to use humor and effective page turns to escalate emotion in a story, ease tension, or lighten a heavy moment.


Writing Humor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone loves to laugh, especially kids. If you can write and illustrate humor well, it will make your books more appealing to agents, editors, teachers, parents, and children.

At Storyteller Academy, we believe that you can learn skills and strategies. You can reject your own limiting beliefs. If you want to write funny books, then take Laurie's strategies and play with them until they work for you. 

That's a great question! Laurie Keller does both, so there's a little of both in this class. She focuses on writing and story for the most part, though. 

This isn't an illustration class, but author/illustrators will find tips they can use to make their illustrations more fun.

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