Intensive Courses

JANUARY - Creative Focus & Habits

Get organized & build habits to finish your creative projects.

FEBRUARY - Writing Voice with Carter Higgins

Learn how to craft different voices for your picture book story.

MARCH - Build an Author Website with Ken Lamug

Build your author website and get ready to submit to editors and agents. 

APRIL - Adobe Illustrator with Jannie Ho

Learn the tools of Adobe Illustrator and practice making characters and props.

MAY - Rhyming for Picture Books with Tim McCanna

Learn how to properly rhyme for picture books.

JUNE - Early Readers with Marcie Colleen

Learn what makes an early reader story vs. a picture book story. You will craft an early reader concept in this workshop. 

JULY - Shapes & Textures with Kenard Pak

Learn how to design shapes and how to create textures for your illustrations.

AUGUST - Watercolors with Jessixa Bagley

Learn how Jessixa uses watercolor to illustrate her picture books. Experiment with her techniques and makes beautiful watercolor illustrations.

SEPTEMBER - Symbolism & Storytelling with Kathryn Otoshi

Learn how Kathryn uses symbolism to make powerful picture books that reach kids.

OCTOBER - Dashka Slater: Teach, Don't Preach

Learn how to tell stories with messages that don't preach down to children. 

NOVEMBER - Michael Slack: Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Learn how to use the lasso tool, brushes, and textures to create illustrations in photoshop.

DECEMBER - Arree Chung: Business Basics

Learn how to use design principles in designing a picture book story. We'll study characters from classic books and review how the story was built around the character's problems.