New Master Class For
Picture Book Authors

How to Write Read Aloud Picture Books that Readers and Editors Love

Learn the writing secrets published authors use to make emotional connections and craft amazing read aloud experiences

In This Master Class, You’ll Learn:


The Difference Between a Bad Read Aloud and a Great
Read Aloud Picture Book
so that you can immediately level up your writing skills.


The Wordsmith Toolkit that Professional Writers Use
to craft read aloud experiences that connect with readers with minimal words.


How to Write with Assonance
to change the way you read and write picture books.


The Skills Needed to Become a Picture Book Wordsmith
so that you can elevate your work and keep readers and editors coming back to your stories.

All the Writing Rules You’ve Learned are Wrong

Whether you’ve been writing for a long time, or if you’re just starting out, writing for picture books is unlike anything else.

The writing rules and creative writing techniques taught in school don’t apply and can set you back. Writing picture books is like writing poetry with words. It’s not only what a writer writes but also what the writer leaves out.

A wordsmith uses space and page turns to create emotion with few words. It's magical.

Carter Higgins Is a
Picture Book Wordsmith

  • You love picture books and you want to craft amazing read aloud experiences that dazzle young readers and editors.
  • Unlearn all of the writing “rules” that don’t apply to picture books and learn what works.
  • Create a story that has VOICE and emotionally connects with your readers.
  • Carter Higgins Is a Picture Book Wordsmith

    Carter Higgins is the author of a A Rambler Steals Home (HMH) and three picture books from Chronicle Books: This is Not a Valentine (Lucy Ruth Cummins), Everything You Need For a Treehouse (Emily Hughes), and Bikes for Sale (Zachariah Ohora).
    Carter has spent over a decade as an elementary school librarian reading thousands of books to children. Drawing from her experience, Carter has become a picture book wordsmith. She looks forward to helping you learn the wordsmithing toolkit to create amazing read aloud experiences.
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