Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Goat And Badger by Abi Cushman

Abi Cushman

Term: Fall 2016

Number of Dummies: 14

Agent: Kendra Marcus at BookStop Literary Agency 

Website: abicushman.com

Story Summary:

On a wonderful snowy day, Goat can't wait to surprise Badger with his homemade sled built for two. But Badger isn't sure it's safe. Fortunately, Goat knows just the way to convince his nervous friend to give it a try. He doesn't want Badger to miss out on all the fun. But after a topsy turvy sledding adventure, Goat soon learns that what's fun for him is scary for Badger and must find a way to make things right with his friend.

“I have learned rule-after-rule about picture book writing …but the creative side of me got buried in that immense load of left-brain wonderful knowledge. I have had some great past instructors, but I could not get to the fun and creative side of my imagination to bring my stories forth and on paper…until now. All that has changed … thanks to this course with Arree Chung.

This course is so well put together.  It especially keeps up with the style of the printed picture books of today increasing your potential for publication.

The creative side of writing and, if you wish, illustrating your picture book ideas can be done here with the help of Arree and Storyteller Academy.

I highly recommend Storyteller Academy.   And, I can’t say enough about the personable and encouraging Arree Chung.  His own recent published pictures books speak volumes of his knowledge and creativity.”

Stella Lopez

Summer 2017 / Storyteller Academy Student

"I was lucky enough to be part of Storyteller Academy's inaugural run and it has been such a priceless experience for me... The course begins on a solid foundation of finding courage and learning to overcome fear, to embrace the power of words and to name yourself as STORYTELLER...."

Emily Wayne

Children's Book Author & Illustrator

"Arree's storybook academy will show you the ins and outs (as well as everything in between) about creating and publishing your story. I have tried taking several academic courses, reading endless blogs and online tutorials. While they were all helpful, the experience was ultimately fragmented.

Arree breaks it down and puts all the steps together. By sharing his own experiences he also shows you common mistakes and pitfalls that you find only with experience. These experiences also serve as encouragements whenever you feel like you are lost or something is not working.

For any journey it is helpful to have a guide, a map and companions. Arree's the guide, his material is the map and the community you build with other members of the course can be you companions. The most important and probably hardest part, is of course, putting in the work!"

Jason Chen

Dad, Physical Therapist & Storyteller

Dixie and Pearl by

Deborah Melmon

Deborah Melmon

Term: Summer 2017 

Number of Dummies: 4


Website: www.deborahmelmon.com

Story Summary:

Dixie is a creative, but sensitive, yellow No.2 pencil. Pearl is a tiny pink eraser with a loud voice and strong opinions. Will these two friends be able to collaborate to find a really great idea they can agree on? or will their personalities get in the way of their relationship?

"I love the course so far, and I love that it is lifetime membership because 12 weeks isn't enough for me to polish my unwritten stories and ideas."

Mikki Hwang

Summer 2017 / Storyteller Academy Student

"If I could describe the Storyteller Academy in one word, I guess it would be just plain AWESOME!"

"After taking the classes and joining the course, it really gave me that vision and the direction to write in a certain way and in a certain genre which is Picture Books."

Brian Song

Dad, Librarian & Storyteller

"As an elementary school art teacher with a 10-year tenure, armed with a master's in education, I thought I was capable of writing and illustrating a picture book in a fairly decent way.  Little did I know that I didn't know about the ABC's of crafting a good picture book. This course is the best thing that happened to me in helping me both understand and practice the art of compelling storytelling. "

Dorothy Wawa

Art Teacher / Storyteller

Crocodile Shoes by Maral Sassouni

Maral Sassouni

Term: Summer 2017

Number of Dummies: 1 dummy (plus 4 brainstormed ideas in outline form)

Agent: Jen Rofe

Website: www.maralsassouni.com

" He helped me push my work to the next level, giving me a lot of tools and just working with other like-minded artists in the class!"

Aaron Clark

Illustrator & Storyboard Artist

"I think this course ( Arree's) has been exactly what I needed to move forward. I can hardly wait to begin another story after I polish this one some more. I like your videos Arree! Seeing the work you put into developing your books and seeing examples are what works for me."

Maggie Griessmeier


"I was very much interested in the dummying process and getting word counts down to where you have just enough to kind of mesh with pictures perfectly working on page turns all of that and you definitely get that and I feel way more comfortable with that now that I did before.."

Ryan Roberts

Mom, Veterenarian & "Wannabe" Children's Book Author

"Sounds a little corny perhaps ... but I've LOVED all the Storyteller Workshops. I especially like the ones where Arree has shared his process, shared where he didn't succeed from the getgo and even shared some of his own doubts and concerns. So much of "how does it happen" has been shrouded in mystery and Arree has shined a bright light on it and encouraged us all in very positive ways."

Lo Silverman

Summer 2017 / Storyteller Academy Student

Ludo's Constellation by Kathryn Powers

Kathryn Powers

Term: Spring 2017

Number of Dummies: 4



"Storyteller Academy is the gift that keeps on giving!  I signed up for the Spring 2017 term, choosing the course option to be in a critique group led by Arree Chung.  I got everything I hoped for, and much more!  The weekly curriculum was inspiring and informative, including videos, exercises, and live webinars with industry professionals.  Alongside the curriculum, students go through the creative process of crafting a story and building a picture book dummy.  Arree's encouragement and enthusiasm made me step out of my comfort zone and try new things, helping me to become a better storyteller. I look forward to applying everything I learned to my future book projects--and signing up for more Academy classes! "

If you're a dedicated author or illustrator who wants to take your stories to new heights (and doesn't mind hard work and revision!), then the Storyteller Academy is the home for you.

"Storyteller Academy has been a great learning experience for me! In addition to the webinars and exercises, Arree provides insightful guidance in the critique sessions. He is fun, approachable, and willingly shares his knowledge and experience! He is creating a supportive community of writers and illustrators."

Ginger Weddle

Children's Book Writer, Speech and Language Pathologist