Myrna Foster

How to Tell a Story

Storyteller Academy’s Myrna Foster shares Arree Chung’s strategy (and examples from MIXED) for telling a picture book story. Picture book giveaway included.

Morning Journaling

Arree Chung shares tips and questions to help you make morning journaling one of the best habits you can adopt for productivity.

Student Success Stories: Katy Tanis

Myrna Foster interviews Storyteller Academy student Katy Tanis about illustration projects, book deals, critique groups, and other things. This post includes two book giveaways: I AM THE JUNGLE and LOVE IN THE WILD.

Student Success Stories: Lily LaMotte

Myrna Foster interviews Storyteller Academy student Lily LaMotte about her graphic novel This post includes a giveaway of Lily’s debut book, MEASURING UP.

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