Write your story with the same Creative Process used by
award-winning children’s books authors and illustrators.

(Even if this is your first time writing . . . you don't know how to draw . . . or you feel like you NEVER have time.)

Quick Question . . .

Do you dream of writing a children's book but struggle with self-doubt or feeling lost?

Are you . . .
little sister
  • a dreamer who longs to write or illustrate children's books but also has to maintain a “real job.”
  • a parent deep in the trenches, spending hours reading children's books, and needing to tuck anything for yourself inside a hectic schedule.
  • an educator who knows exactly what types of books the classroom (and world) needs.
  • a writer or artist who wants to hone your skills for the children's market.

Get your children's book story idea out of your head and turn it into a book!

Makers Membership

A Makers Membership gives you everything
you need to write your story, connect with other authors
and illustrators, and get your book published.

Imagine seeing your book inside
of bookstores and libraries

How do I get my stories Published?

You’ve got an idea for a children’s book but where do you go from there? Unfortunately, having an idea isn’t enough. Dreaming about making a children's book isn’t going to make it a reality.

So how do published authors & Illustrators transform their ideas into award-winning picture books? They use a creative process to create stories and rely on a creative community for feedback and revision.

Mastering the creative process with a community of creative people is the most effective way to transform your ideas into award-winning children’s books. That’s why we’ve created the Makers Membership!

Storytellers aren’t born, they're created.

We collected the creative processes that help storytellers create award-winning books that kids, parents, editors, and agents LOVE and BUY.

Introducing the Makers Membership!

Inside the Makers Membership, you’ll learn the Creative Processes behind award-winning children’s books taught by professional authors, illustrators, agents, and editors from the children’s book industry.

You’ll get to join a Creative Village so that you don’t have to try figure it all out on your own. You’ll get feedback and support from a creative community designed to bring your book to life.

If you’re ready to get unstuck and bring your stories to life, join the Makers Membership now!

Learn anywhere, anytime.

With two membership levels, you can select the one that is exactly right for your goals and your schedule.

What's included in your membership:

1. 20+ Signature Courses on writing, illustrating, and publishing children's books

Create your children's book with the creative processes of award-winning authors/illustrators.

What are your creative goals? Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, each course at Storyteller Academy is designed to help you with a specific goal. Choose your course and start learning. Each signature course takes a deep dive into the creative process with six learning modules, printable handouts, guides, and resources.

Clear action items following each lesson (homework!) allow you to implement the lessons through your story immediately.

The best part . . . all the lessons are pre-recorded and available to watch 24/7, as many times as you like, for the duration of your membership.

Never fall behind or miss a replay window again.

Foundational Courses

Say goodbye to feeling stuck and wondering what to do next.

Our foundational courses will help you build a solid foundation for storytelling. You’ll learn how to develop ideas, write manuscripts, make dummies, create characters, and submit your book.

  • Writing Picture Book Manuscripts
  • Crafting Picture Book Stories
  • Making Picture Book Dummies
  • Character Design
  • Drawing 1
  • Rhyming Picture Books
writing picture book manuscript course thumbnail
Crafting Picture Book Stories
PB Dummies course thumbnail
Character Design
drawing 1 course thumbnail
Rhyming Picture Books

Advanced Courses

Ready to take your work to the next level?

You’ll continue to build creative skills to create award-winning children’s books. You’ll learn everything from how to craft your voice, how to write rhymes, how to illustrate, how to create graphic novels, and more!

  • Picture Book Wordsmith
  • Picture Book Masters
  • Illustration 1
  • Illustration 2
  • Picture Book
  • Production Design
  • Rhyming Picture Books
wordsmith course thumbnail
Picture Book Masters
illustration 1 course thumbnail
Illustration 2
submission ready course thumbnail
picture book production design course thumbnail

2. 40+ craft-based mini-classes

Mini-classes are bite-sized, skill-based courses designed to focus on a specific element of writing, illustrating, or business. 

Most mini-classes are about a hour long, allowing you to elevate your skills in manageable chunks of time.

All of these classes are pre-recorded and available on-demand.

Social Media
symbolism & storytelling course thumbnail
writing humor course thumbnail
textures in your illustrations
find my art style course thumbnail
Member Community

3. Engaging, interactive community of fellow creatives

You have found your people!

Our community of over 1,000 members (and growing!) is available to support you in your creativity, encourage you through disappointment, and answer questions.

Your dream of writing a children's book could tuck you into a dark corner of your house all alone, or it could be shared with creative, devoted, friends who share the same goals.


4. Get feedback at live workshops with instructors.

Apply your newfound skills and ask your questions.

Storyteller Academy weekly live workshops give you the feedback you need to perfect your story.

With a mix of instructor and moderator facilitated workshops, you will have weekly opportunities to review core concepts, get feedback on your work, and ask your questions.

Online Writing Community

5. Join a Critique Group

Find your people!

Several times per year, we place members into peer critique groups. Connect with other creatives, share feedback, and support each other's creative journeys.

You can also join a mentored critique group, a group of five students led by one of our instructors, for an additional price.

Submission opportunities to agents and editors with Makers Pro

Get your story in front of agents and editors.

Stick out of the crowd and get your story seen by literary agents and editors from the top publishers. Want to get your story published by the best publishers? To do so, you’ll need a literary agent and a great story. We’ll help you craft your story and get it in front of agents and editors with submission workshops, the pitch party, and the annual showcase!

Live Event

The Agent Series

Three times per year we host The Agent Series. Students are invited to submit their query to receive feedback as a learning opportunity.

Following the live event, all students are invited to submit their manuscript to the agent.

Pitch Event

Annual Pitch Party

Think American Idol for children's books . . .

Each January, we host three agents for a rapid round of live pitching. Storyteller Academy staff read short pitches submitted by students and a responding “thumbs up!” from an agent is an invitation for that creator for an above-the-slush submission opportunity.


Annual Showcase

All eyes on your stories.

NEW! Each year we will be featuring our students' best work in a virtual showcase. Chosen work will be presented to an expansive list of editors and agents to highlight those stories that have been polished and are submission ready.

Get these awesome bonuses with ANNUAL plans

line break
How to Write (or Illustrate) Children's Books - THE WORKBOOK

Your ultimate, hands-on guide. Pulling together the best resources from our full length courses, our author and illustrator workbooks walk you step-by-step through your journey to publication.

Each workbook contains over 200 pages of knowledge and exercises to help you craft your stories. These workbooks are the perfect companion to taking courses. Kiss printing PDFs goodbye.

A $35 value for FREE

This bonus is available for ALL new ANNUAL Makers Self-Study members.
**Makers Pro members get this at a discounted price*
Written Critique
Free Written Critique

Get a free written on your manuscript from published authors, instructors, agents, or editors. This is the perfect opportunity get professional feedback.

A $99 value for FREE.

This bonus is available for ALL new ANNUAL Makers Pro Members ONLY!

Start your journey today.


Start your journey today.


Makers Self-Study Membership


  • Instant on-demand access to 10 Foundational courses and 11 Advanced courses on writing, illustrating, and publishing children’s books
  • Instant, on-demand access to 42 craft-based, supplemental mini-classes
  • Time saving checklists and worksheets to guide you through the creative process


  • 24/7 access to a knowledgeable, supportive community of fellow storytellers.

ANNUAL membership bonus: Get a FREE workbook and save 2 months worth of membership


Makers Pro Membership


  • Instant on-demand access to 10 Foundational courses and 15 Advanced courses on writing, illustrating, and publishing children’s books
  • Instant, on-demand access to 42 craft-based, supplemental mini-classes
  • Time saving checklists and worksheets to guide you through the creative process


  • Flexible, weekly workshop schedule for live support and feedback on stories, illustrations, and submissions
    Free placement in a peer critique group
  • 24/7 access to a knowledgeable, supportive community of fellow storytellers.


  • Regular workshops with agents & editors
  • Annual Pitch Party
  • Annual Manuscript Showcase

ANNUAL membership bonus: Get a FREE written critique and save 2 months worth of membership


How much value is inside the Makers Membership?

The Makers Membership is the library of classes that teach you the creative process to create award-winning children’s books. You’ll also get access to live workshops, critique groups and access to agents and editors inside Makers Pro.

  • 25 Signature Courses ($299 retail price/course)
  • 42 Mini-Classes ($99 retail price/course)
  • Live Workshops, Ask-Me-Anything Sessions, and Agent Series Events
  • Pitch Party & Manuscript Showcase
  • Peer Critique Group Placement
Value: $7,475
Value: $4,158

Value: $2,080
Value: $300
Value: Priceless!

TOTAL VALUE: $14,013

How much value is inside the Makers Membership?

The Makers Membership is the library of classes that teach you the creative process to create award-winning children’s books. You’ll also get access to live workshops, critique groups and access to agents and editors inside Makers Pro.

  • 25 Signature Courses ($299 retail price/course)
    • Value:  $7,475
  • 42 Mini-Classes ($99 retail price/course)
    • Value: $4,158
  • Live Workshops, Ask-Me-Anything Sessions, and Agent Series Events
    • Value: $2,080
  • Pitch Party & Manuscript Showcase
    • Value: $300
  • Peer Critique Group Placement
    • Value: PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE: $14,013

What's Possible?

“We started working on the manuscript for STRONG back in April of 2019. After completing multiple drafts, we finally got interest from an agent. She loved the story idea, but I wasn't executing it right. Arree helped me rethink the approach and find the true heart of the story. The agent loved the revisions, and offered us a contract! After a few more drafts, we got a deal with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, and our book, STRONG, comes out in May 2022! I couldn't have done this without Arree and Storyteller Academy!” 

Eric Rosswood, co-author of Strong

“At the time I took Arree’s class, I had just written a brand new draft about a dinosaur that I thought had a decent hook. So I decided to work on that one. Arree’s class was incredible because it forced me to make a physical dummy of the book. That was new for me. As a writer, I didn’t think about creating dummies of my drafts. I thought that was something for illustrators. By making the dummy, however, I could see exactly how my manuscript was working, and where it wasn’t working.

Arree’s class worked for me because it was the perfect balance of craft discussion and creation. In teaching, I will often present material in various forms for a deeper understanding to my students. Arree’s methodology is similar, and for me, it just worked.” 

Elaine Kearns, author of Noah Noasaurus

“I would not be a published author without Storyteller Academy. I like to say that before SA, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. Arree’s Making Picture Books class set me on the path that has led to my book launch in just a few weeks!”

Todd Sturgell, author/illustrator of Except Antartica

“Storyteller Academy gave me the encouragement and tools to turn my fine art background into a burgeoning career in illustration. This means the world to me, because, I have always known that I wanted to write and illustrate children’s stories since I was little girl stapling copy paper together to make my own books. However, I was lacking mentorship and direction; I never knew anyone who had walked the path before me. I am grateful to Storyteller Academy for carving a clear path that showed me that my lifelong dream is tangible with actionable steps and building supportive relationships.”

LaTonya Jackson, Illustrator of Hair and the Holy Spirit

“Storyteller has provided for me a wonderful resource for classes and professional feedback. The instructors are knowledgeable and caring. They truly do want to help us to create our best work possible. Even though Storyteller Academy is growing larger every year, it still feels like family to me. The connections I've made here are real and meaningful.”

– Bonnie Kelso, author/illustrator of Nudi Gill: Poison powerhouse of the sea

“I wanted to learn everything I could about creating picture books. Instructors at Storyteller Academy have introduced me to so many mentor texts. It’s like having a best friend who is super knowledgeable and just piles up your arms with good books. And I don’t just mean the books that have won awards. I mean the books that kids love.”

– Laurie Elmquist, author of City Baby

Frequently Asked Questions

Makers memberships give you everything you need to learn how to write, illustrate, and publish your children's book. Learn the creative process from award-winning authors & illustrators inside the children’s book industry so that you can finally create your children’s book!

As a Makers Pro member, you have access to our entire library of courses, live workshops, and events. You can go through any class as many times as you like for the duration of your membership. Additionally, if you are interested, we will place you in a peer critique group for free. 

As a Makers Self-Study member, you have access to the same courses, content, and resources, but they are all self-study. Self-study means that you don't have access to live workshops, live classes, or peer critique group placement.

With a Makers Membership, you take courses at your convenience, and are able to create children's books with the time you have.

In fact, having a membership will save you time! No more searching the internet for the answers to your questions. Instead you'll be spending your time learning and creating.

We don't lie to you. Writing children's books is not easy. It takes time and creativity but it is a skill you can learn. If you have a story and the desire to bring it to life, then your story will be good enough.


Inside the Makers Membership, you'll discover what makes a great story and how to improve your story. You'll sharpen your creative skills and turn your hobby of writing or drawing into a life-long, successful career.

You will learn how to write, illustrate, and publish children's books. You'll also learn how to get an agent, self-publish, and build a successful business. Basically, it's everything you need to know. All in one place.

Occasionally we sell our individual courses, but the Makers Membership is designed to give you access to all of the information you need, whenever you need it. Each course you take, every skill you master, will leave you hungry for the next one.

Our signature courses dive deep into the craft of writing and illustrating. Each course contains 6 pre-recorded lessons and handouts designed to improve your craft one module at a time. 

Our mini-classes are bite-sized, skill-based courses designed to focus on a specific element of writing, illustrating, or business. Ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours long, depending on the topic, mini-classes are pre-recorded and available on demand.

Makers Pro members can submit their work to instructors for review during live workshops, but there is no guarantee that your work will be chosen. At moderator-led workshops you will have guaranteed feedback from a group of fellow students.

If you would like more support, you can purchase more direct feedback through a mentored critique group or one-on-one coaching.

Makers Self-Study members do not have this feature. If you would like more support, you can purchase more direct feedback through a written critique, a 30-minute one-on-one critique, or you can upgrade to Makers Pro.

Live workshops are held weekly for select signature courses and mini-classes. In a live workshop, students are invited to receive real-time feedback and Q&A time with the instructors. Feedback is not guaranteed. Live workshops and workshop replays are only available for Makers Pro members.

You can sign up for a monthly membership or save money by signing up for the full year. You can cancel a monthly membership anytime, but it will renew automatically if you don't cancel it. An annual membership lasts for 12 months. There's a 30-day money-back guarantee for either type of membership, so you can try it risk-free. 

Self-study means you don't have the live guidance or feedback from the instructor (or community) during workshops. You are watching the lessons and doing the assignments at your own pace, on your own time. It's the same content, and you can still email Storyteller Academy staff for help if you need it.

You get access to 10 Foundational courses and 15 Advanced courses (for Makers Pro) or 11 Advanced courses (Makers Self-Study). You also get 42 mini-classes. 

Check out our library of courses and mini-classes here.

Signature Courses:

Build a Lead Magnet (Makers Pro exclusive)

Build and Test FB Ads (Makers Pro exclusive)

Character Design

Crafting Picture Book Stories

Drawing 1: Drawing with Mental Models

Drawing 2: Drawing in 3-D

Find and Build Your Audience (Makers Pro exclusive)

Graphic Novels 

Hire a VA and Build a Team (Makers Pro exclusive)

Illustrating with Collage

Illustration 1 

Illustration 2

Illustration Workshop Series (Makers Pro exclusive)

Making Picture Book Dummies

Picture Book Masters

Picture Book Production Design

Picture Book Wordsmith

Plotting Your MG Novel

Picture Book Revision Workshop Series (Makers Pro exclusive)

Rhyming Picture Books 

Self-Publishing Children’s Books 

Submission Ready

Submission Workshop Series (Makers Pro exclusive)

Writing Picture Book Manuscripts

Writing the Middle-Grade Fantasy Novel 


Adobe Illustrator

Best Creative Year Ever

Build an Author Business

Building an Author Website

Crafting a Strong Beginning

Creating Atmosphere 

Creating Characters

Creative Focus and Habits

Drawing People for Children's Books 

Find My Art Style

How to Query Agents

Illustrating Novelty and Board Books

Illustrating Early Readers

Illustrating Middle Grade Covers 

Making Comics


Middle Grade Novel in Verse

Nailing Your Middle Grade Voice

Nonfiction Picture Books

Overcoming Fear

Painting People with Acrylics

Perspective and Point of View 

Photoshop Basics

Picture Book Story Frameworks

Pitch Your Story

Presenting a Winning Portfolio

Picture Book Biographies

Revise Your Novel 

Social Media 

School Visit Presentations 

Storytelling in Rhyme

Symbolism & Storytelling

Textures in Your Illustrations

Unlock Your Maker Mindset


Writing Chapter Books

Writing Early Readers

Writing For the Educational Market 

Writing Humor

Writing Natural Rhyme That Sells

Writing Nature with All 5 Senses

Writing Voice

All of Storyteller Academy’s courses can be accessed ONLINE. We recommend that you have a personal computer or tablet for an optimal experience.

While Makers Memberships are completely online to allow for unrestricted access to resources, technology does come with the potential for headaches.

Our student support team will walk you through any technical knowledge you need to know. Our staff is there to answer questions whenever they arise.

You can book a 30-minute live Zoom call with our team here, or you can send our support team an email at support@storytelleracademy.com.

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