Makers Memberships

Start your creative journey today by joining our online writing community of children's book writers and illustrators dedicated to crafting amazing stories.

Makers Pro Membership

$750 / year


$ 75 / month

  • Instant access to all of our 22 signature courses on writing and illustrating children's books.
  • All access to 36 craft-based self-study mini-classes with a live review every month.
  • Step-by-step guides, checklists, workbooks, and many other resources to help guide you through the creative process.
  • Annual Pitch Party to three industry agents.
  • Three Agent Series Workshops (with submission opportunities).
  • Three Ask-Me-Anything sessions with industry professionals (submission opportunities possible, but not guaranteed).
  • Virtual live workshops each term with opportunities to have your work critiqued.
  • A monthly mini-class live review.
  • First access to buy a place in a mentored critique group or one-on-one critiques with instructors.
  • Free placement in a peer critique group.
  • Access to our illustration and writing community of storytellers!
Makers Plus Membership

$350/ year


$ 35 / month

  • All access to 17 signature courses on writing, illustrating, and publishing children's books.
  • All access to 36 craft-based self-study mini-classes.
  • Step-by-step guides, checklists, and workbooks to help you through the creative process.
  • Connect with fellow storytellers and keep tabs on the industry.
  • BONUS: Live Q&A sessions with Editors and Art Directors.
  • BONUS: Invitation to create dates and open critiques twice per month.
  • BONUS: Invitations to 1 live review (workshop) for a mini-class per month.
  • FREE How to Write or Illustrate Children's Book Workbook (for ANNUAL membership only)

Membership Perks​

Course Library


Access our entire library of in-depth signature courses and craft-based mini-classes.


Mini-Class Live Reviews

Members get a chance to have their work reviewed by the mini-class instructor live!

Ask Me Anything

“Ask Me Anything” Sessions

We will be hosting live “Ask Me Anything” sessions with agents and editors. All members are invited!


Online Writing Communities


Connect with fellow storytellers and keep tabs on the industry. 

Live Event
Makers Pro

Live Workshops

Live workshops will be held for select signature courses during each term. A couple of lucky participants will have their stories or artwork reviewed by the instructor, and everyone will get their questions answered!

Online Writing Community
Makers Pro

Critique Groups

Meet regularly and receive ongoing feedback from a group of peers. Join a critique group based on your individual writing style and level of experience.

Mentored Critique Group
Makers Pro

Mentorship Opportunities

Makers Pro members get first access to buy a place in a mentored critique group or a one-on-one critique with our instructors!


2022 - 2023 Live Workshop Schedule

Term 3 2022


Drawing 2: Drawing in 3D
Alex Leon

Graphic Novels
Ken Lamug

Writing the MG Fantasy Novel
Sage Blackwood

Illustrating with Collage
Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Writing Picture Book Manuscripts
Jim Averbeck

Picture Book Production Design
Arree Chung

Illustration 2
Julie Downing & Isabella Kung

Term 1 2023


Illustration 1
Julie Downing & Isabella Kung

Revision Workshop Series (NEW)
Jim Averbeck

Submission Ready
Ariel Richardson & Melissa Manlove

Character Design
Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Self-Publishing Picture Books
Darcy Pattison

Crafting Picture Book Stories
Arree Chung

Rhyming Picture Books
Baptiste and Miranda Paul

Term 2 2023

MAY 3 - JULY 8

Drawing 1

Alex Leon

Picture Book Wordsmith
Carter Higgins

Writing Picture Book Manuscripts
Jim Averbeck

Making Picture Book Dummies
Arree Chung

Illustration 2
Julie Downing & Isabella Kung

Plotting your MG Novel
Katherine Jacobs

Picture Book Masters
Melissa Manlove

Submission Workshop Series (NEW)
Amy Flynn, Cindy Leopold-Ritsko, and Myrna Foster

Illustration Workshop Series (NEW)
Arree Chung

Signature Courses

What courses do I get access to?

Check out our catalog of courses

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Makers Pro member, you have access to our entire library of courses, live workshops, and events. You can go through any class as many times as you like for the duration of your membership. Additionally, if you are interested, we will place you in a peer critique group for free. 


As a Makers Plus member, you have access to most of the same courses, but they are all self-study. Self-study means that you don't have access to live workshops, live classes, or peer critique group placement. As a membership bonus, you are invited to attend our live “Ask Me Anything” sessions with agents and editors three times per year.

Our signature courses dive deep into the craft of writing and illustrating. Each course contains pre-recorded lessons, handouts, and action items designed to improve your craft. Our signature courses are available for self-study year-round for Makers Pro and Makers Plus members.

Our mini-classes are bite-sized, skill-based courses designed to focus on a specific element of writing, illustrating, or business. Ranging from 20 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on the topic, mini-classes are pre-recorded and available on-demand for all Makers Pro and Makers Plus members.

Live workshops are held in each term for select signature courses. In a live workshop, students are invited to receive real-time feedback and Q&A time with the instructors. Feedback is not guaranteed. Live workshops and workshop replays are only available for Makers Pro members.


Live reviews are the same but for mini-classes. With each new mini-class that's released, one live review is held at the end of the term. We also revisit a few popular mini-classes each year to give students another live review for the class. Both Makers Pro and Makers Plus members can join live reviews for mini-classes and view the replays.

Each year we release three to four new signature courses and nine new mini-classes.

You can sign up for a monthly membership or save money by signing up for the full year. You can cancel a monthly membership anytime, but it will renew automatically if you don't cancel it. An annual membership lasts for 12 months. There's a 30-day money-back guarantee for either type of membership, so you can try it risk-free. 

Self-study means you don't have the live guidance or feedback from the instructor (or community) during workshops. You are watching the lessons and doing the assignments at your own pace, on your own time. It's the same content, and you can still email Storyteller Academy staff for help if you need it.

Check out our library of courses and mini-classes here.

All of Storyteller Academy’s courses can be accessed online. We recommend you have a personal computer or tablet for optimal experience.

You can book a 30-minute live Zoom call with our team here, or you can send our support team an email at

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