Bring Your Story Idea to Life

Our mission is simple: We teach aspiring authors and illustrators how to bring their stories to life.

You have a story to tell.

You have one (or a million!) story ideas that continue to pester you.
You think, "Someday I'll write this into a children's book."

Maybe someday is today.

Everyone is capable of becoming a storyteller. Writing and drawing are skills that can be taught, to anyone with the passion to learn.

A diverse world needs diverse books, by diverse storytellers.

Tell the story only you can tell.

Illustrators can write. Writers can draw.

Revision will get your story
just right.

Meet Arree Chung

Author/Illustrator & Founder of Storyteller Academy

As a kid, I loved drawing and creating but, by the time I “grew up”…I was busy with life.

I had a responsible job, working for responsible people, doing responsible things.

Except I was ignoring that tiny, pestering, inner-voice. I kept telling it, “someday…” Until, I couldn't ignore it anymore.

I took a drawing class and the rest, as they say, is history. I did the work, put in the time (butt-in-chair, as I like to say), and now I can proudly call myself a published author/illustrator.

But, one thing still nagged at me. I had jumped into the journey headfirst and made all the mistakes. There wasn't a guide, a place to learn and grow and journey together.

So I created it.

Storyteller Academy is here for you. For that kid inside you begging you to tell your story. Pleading for someday.


Storyteller Academy is a community of children's book creators dedicated to learning the craft of storytelling.

What you get

In-depth foundational courses and craft-based mini-classes taught by industry professionals.
Connect with fellow passionate storytellers and keep tabs on the industry.
Meet regularly and receive ongoing feedback from a group of storytelling peers.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell


Published Professionals Help You Achieve Your Creative Goals
Arree Chung
Author, Illustrator & Entrepreneur
Jim Averbeck
Author & Illustrator
Vanessa Brantley-Newton
Author, Illustrator &
Ariel Richardson
Editor at Chronicle Books
Melissa Manlove
Editor at Chronicle Books


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I publish a children's book?

There are two options. You can self publish or publish traditionally with a publishing company. Most people don’t realize that self-publishing is starting a business, so we don't recommend it unless you are familiar with the industry and business-minded. Whether you decide to self publish or go the traditional route, a great story is the beginning of your publishing journey.

Is Storyteller Academy for new or published authors?

We pride ourselves in being a place where storytellers at all levels can find a home. Our courses cover the most basic story concepts all the way up to marketing your published books. 

How do I learn how to make a children's book?

The fastest way to learn how is through collaborative courses and workshops. By studying with a published professional, you’ll learn the exact creative processes they use to make award winning books.

How do I submit my story to literary agents?

Literary agents will have their own specific instructions on their websites. But in general, you will need a cover letter and a manuscript. The most important aspect of your submission is your story.

What skills do I need to become a published children's book author or illustrator?

The ability to tell a story is the most important skill to have as an author or illustrator. You will need to be able to develop unique concepts for stories and tell the story simply. If you are illustrating the book, you will need a strong art style and a good sense of design, in addition to storytelling.

How will I know my story is ready for submission?

We have a submission checklist that you can run your story through. The checklist was made by Melissa Manlove and Ariel Richardson, two editors at Chronicle Books.

free guideS

Storytelling Guide for Picture Books

If you have story ideas and want to learn how to make a picture book, click below!

Free Guide: How to Draw and Invent

Learn how to draw and invent out of your imagination. This step-by-step guide makes drawing simple, easy and fun.

Submission Ready?

Get Ariel's and Melissa's (editors at Chronicle Books) submission checklist so that you can query with confidence!
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