Creating Picture Books 101 Guide

Perfect for those just starting to explore children's books, Arree's 101 guide will give you a basic overview of story writing, revision, and mistakes to avoid!

Page Turn Guide

Page Turn Guide

With a limited page count and less than 1,000 works, Picture Book creators need to use each page turn wisely. Learn the wisdom and logic behind page turns to strengthen your story.

ABC Blocks = Learn the basics!

Terms of the Trade

Exploring a new industry comes with an abundance of new terms, phrases, and acronyms (oh, the acronyms). Demystify the kidlit lingo with our industry dictionary!

submission opportunities

Sample Query Letter

You've heard of this mystical being called The Query Letter but what does one actually look like? Pair this sample with our the article below and you'll be on your way!

Live Event

Free Learning Events

Four times per year we host live events with our instructors designed to introduce you to introduce you to the industry and give you some free creative learning.

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Goal Planner

Many creators are writing or illustrating on the side of a job and/or family. Don't let your creative dreams become your lowest priority.

Keep yourself moving forward with our easy-to-use monthly goal planner.

Online Writing Community

Access All Free Resources

Inside our network we have an entire library of free lessons, tools, downloadable guides, and the answers to frequently asked questions.

  • A compilation of the most helpful writing tools available online.
  • Replays of select free Storyteller Academy hosted events.
  • Lessons on “The Book Business” from award-winning author/illustrator Arree Chung.
  • 13 Free Procreate tutorials
  • 5 free book marketing lessons
  • Full access to Arree's dummy vault – examples of how a story goes from first draft to publication.
  • Our complete library of free downloadable guides

How to Write Children's Books in 7 Steps

Everything from idea generation to publication, we'll tackle all your questions and help you take that first daring step toward your creative dream.

How to Publish A Children's Book

The big question everyone is asking . . . once you've got your story written, how do you get it published?

Learn about your publishing options, how to get started, and the mistakes to avoid.
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Learn the picture book basics from a published author/illustrator

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Page Turn GUIDE

Learn how to control the flow and pacing of your story using page turns.

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FREE Resource

Learn the kidlit industry lingo and crack those acronym codes!

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FREE Resource

Use this template to guide your own queries using the hook, the book, and the cook format.

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FREE Resource

Stay motivated, productive, and on track all year with this simple, kitlit focused goal planners for each month.

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