Identify Obstacles to Find Success

Storyteller Academy students and instructors share the obstacles they’ve overcome to reach success as children’s book creators.

Julie Downing of Storyteller Academy

Instructor Stories: Julie Downing

Julie Downing, one of our Illustration instructors, shares how she set up her art studio to work without distraction. Book giveaway included!

Instructor Stories: Abi Cushman

Abi Cushman shows how to use die-cuts in picture books and board books. Abi is teaching workshops for two of Arree’s courses: Crafting Picture Book Stories and Making Picture Book Dummies. Book giveaway included!

Instructor Stories: Ken Lamug

Myrna introduces Ken Lamug as the instructor for Storyteller Academy’s upcoming course on graphic novels. Book giveaway included!

Set, Track, and Achieve Your Writing Goals

Storyteller Academy’s Amy Flynn shares how she sets and tracks achievable goals to prioritize her writing time. Includes link to Amy’s goal planning template.

How to Tell a Story

Storyteller Academy’s Myrna Foster shares Arree Chung’s strategy (and examples from MIXED) for telling a picture book story. Picture book giveaway included.

6 Writing Prompts to Overcome Writer’s Block

Do you ever get writer’s block? Storyteller Academy’s Amy Flynn shares six writing prompts that can help you overcome writer’s block. Book giveaway included.

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