Cover Reveal for Ken Lamug's MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM: BORN TO BE BAD

About the Author/Illustrator

I'm so excited to be able to share Ken Lamug's cover for the first book in his MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM graphic novel series. BORN TO BE BAD releases next June with Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

Ken is the Illustrator Coordinator for SCBWI Nevada (my region). We both found Storyteller Academy and signed up for Arree's course through the same free webinar in January of 2017. I remember because Ken was asking all of the best questions. I shared a Student Success Story interview with him when Albert Whitman published GHASTLY GHOSTS last year. He also runs a fantastic critique group for authors and illustrators in Las Vegas. Nevada’s Featured Title at the National Book Festival for 2020 is Ken's wordless graphic novel, PETRO AND THE FLEA KING.

Storyteller Academy Instructor

On top of being a Storyteller Student, Arree asked Ken to teach a mini-class on building an author website last year, and I can't wait to share his mini-class on making comics and graphic novels next month. Next year, he's teaching a full-length course on writing and illustrating graphic novels for us. 

The Big Reveal

And now, without further blathering from me, here is the cover for MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM: BORN TO BE BAD.

Here's the book description from the publisher: 

Mischief, and her side-cat Mayhem, are your respectably heinous villains. They’ll spoil new movies, steal cake from parties they weren’t invited to, and hit the good citizens where it’ll dirty them most—their toilet paper. But before Mischief and Mayhem were ever supervillains, they were just Missy and Gizmo, fresh recruits at superhero camp. Only, Missy lied on her hero application and has exactly zero superpowers, just her brainpower. Humiliated when caught and kicked out, only fellow camp recruit Melvira stands by Missy. Unbeknownst to others, Melvira has her own villainous agenda., and it involves helping Missy cross the line into villainy as her new alter ego, Mischief. But something about Melvira doesn’t sit right with Missy, and soon she’ll be called upon to battle her former best friend.

Will Missy be able to face the friend who was once her defender? Does Gizmo actually have nine lives? Will the town ever have TP again? In Ken Lamug’s deliciously hilarious graphic novel, the stakes are high and the battles epic, as the line between hero and villain gets flushed down the toilet.

I love that Chris Grabenstein blurbed this book. (If you don't know Chris Grabenstein, he's one of the funniest children's writers of our day. You'll want to find some of his books.) I also think it's pretty hilarious that Ken wrote in a toilet paper shortage before 2020 happened.

So many of Ken's spreads end on a funny punchline. Mischief and Mayhem are going to steal a lot of hearts next year. I have Ken's permission to share the following spreads.

Book Giveaway Details

I'm giving away a copy of MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM: BORN TO BE BAD. The catch is that you won't get it until next June. Just comment on this blog post to be entered.

For additional entries, you can share the post on social media and post a link to where you’ve shared in the comments (preferably as a comment to your original comment so that all of your entries are grouped together).

I’ll close the contest at midnight, Pacific Time, on October 20. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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