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I’m updating our Instructor Stories post with Arree Chung, (and there’s a book giveaway at the end of this post). Arree started Storyteller Academy. in 2016 with a single course. While he enjoyed success as an author/illustrator, he felt like the learning process could have been a lot easier if he'd had more guidance. Consequently, he created the course that he wished had been there when he started out. And the course was awesome! I know because I took it in early 2017.

But when students started asking for courses to help them learn even more, Arree knew that he wasn't the right person to teach every subject. As a result, Storyteller Academy has grown to include many subjects taught by many different instructors. 

And then in March of 2020, when schools closed, he saw a need for online art programming for kids. People told him that they wanted something like Storyteller Academy for their kids, so Arree launched Creativity School

Arree at the Texas Book Festival

In 2018, Arree documented a trip that included his participation in the Texas Book Festival and their Reading Rock Stars program. If you don’t know Arree, this video is a great representation of what he’s like. But even if you do know him, I really think you’ll enjoy experiencing the Texas Book Festival with him.

Arree's Books

Arree is the author/illustrator of five picture books, with Mixed being his most recent. Arree's Ninja! series has received starred reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal. Kirkus also gave a starred review to Mixed, which won the FCGB award in 2019 and has a sequel on the way.

When Mixed released in 2018, a middle school in California adapted it into a play. Arree said it was exciting to see their interpretation of his story. They did a great job!

Arree has also illustrated books for other authors. Stephen Bramucci’s DANGER GANG AND THE ISLE OF FERAL BEASTS! released on October 23, 2018.

Arree's Original Course

Arree split his original course into two: Crafting Picture Book Stories and Making Picture Book Dummies. These are both great foundational courses for anyone who wants to write or write and illustrate picture books.

In Crafting Picture Book Stories, you'll learn how to develop healthy work habits, brainstorm great ideas, and work on one idea until you turn it into a picture book story. Live workshops for this course start in January 2022.

And in Making Picture Book Dummies,  you'll learn how to make a picture book dummy! Arree will cover story basics, visual storytelling, pacing, and revision. This course is not just for illustrators. Using a dummy is a not-so-secret tool for improving your writing. Live workshops start in May 2022.

Arree's Additional Courses

In addition to the course content Arree originally created, he made a course to teach students beginning drawing, which has been added to by Alex Leon, who currently teaches the live workshops. Drawing 1 workshops will also start in May 2022.

And then he created a course for authors/illustrators who are ready to learn the design elements and production strategies necessary to finish a picture book. Picture Book Production Design is the perfect follow-up to Making Picture Book Dummies.

Lastly, he came up with a 4-course business series that is only available to Makers Pro members. 

While you can buy the self-study version of any of Arree's courses (except for the ones on business), you can only access the live workshops through Storyteller Academy's Makers Pro membership. This opens for enrollment four times a year. You can learn more on our website.

Have you taken any of Arree's courses? Have you read any of his books?

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Myrna Foster writes and edits content for Storyteller Academy and the WriteRiders Newsletter for SCBWI Nevada. She has spent a lot of time teaching and coaching children, including five years as a preschool teacher. She's also worked as a journalist, and Highlights High Five has published six of her poems. 

Arree Chung is an author/illustrator and the founder of Storyteller Academy. Arree’s Ninja! series has received starred reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal. Kirkus also gave a starred review to Mixed, which recently won the FCGB award. 

Today Arree lives a creative life, making stories for children. Arree spends most of his time making picture books, writing middle grade novels, and sharing his love for art, design, and storytelling with kids and dreamers everywhere.

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