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Tim McCanna, our “Storytelling in Rhyme” instructor, just made an awesome YouTube video on school visits for our Storyteller Academy channel. If you're interested in getting paid to promote yourself or your books, now or in the future, this video is for you! Learn how to book, plan, and present for schools.

Tim has a background in musical theater and song writing. In fact, for you those of you who are familiar with Julie Hedlund's 12×12 Challenge, Tim wrote the official jingle.

As a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI), he also served as Assistant Regional Adviser for the San Francisco/South chapter for five years.

Caryn Wiseman at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency represents Tim’s work.

Tim’s Picture Books 

Tim debuted as a picture book author with Teeny Tiny Trucks in 2013. He’s also the author of the following picture books: Bitty Bot, Watersong, So Many Sounds, Barnyard Boogie!, Jack B Ninja, Boing! A Very Noisy ABC, Dinosong, In a Garden, and Bitty Bot’s Big Beach Getaway, which was an ALA/LITA 2019 Golden Duck Notable Picture Book.

Tim McCanna's Storytelling in Rhyme Mini-Class

Tim went out of his way to make sure he covered different material in “Storytelling in Rhyme” than Diana Murray covered in her “Writing Natural Rhyme That Sells” mini-class.

It's impossible to cram everything you need to know about writing rhyming picture books into one mini-class. While the two classes are complementary and bring up some of the same pitfalls, we believe that you'll have the best experience if you use both to come up with your own process.

Where Diana's class focuses mainly on meter and rhyme schemes, Tim's focuses more on how to tell your story and word choice. You're going to learn more about utilizing keywords and tools, like a rhyming dictionary or a thesaurus.

Tim created three checklists for you to use at different stages, and we're excited to see how they improve the way you write stories!

Writing in rhyme can be a great way to connect with your audience. When it's done right, the combination of rhythm and rhyme will stay with your readers, much like a favorite song.

It's important to have a strong foundation for your story. Before Tim starts writing a rhyming picture book, he summarizes the story and asks himself some questions. We think that you're going to find a lot of value in the assignments and checklists that he's prepared for this intensive.

Tim shares examples from his published books to help students see the importance of strong rhymes and finding the right meter and rhyme scheme for your story. He shares the entire book layout for Bitty Bot. It’s helpful to have some idea of how many pages, lines, and words go into published rhyming picture books.

You can buy for Tim McCanna’s class HERE.

Book Giveaway Details

I’m giving away one of Tim’s books. To enter, just let me know which book you’d like to win in the comments by midnight on July 15. You don’t have to buy the class or be a student. 

Please share this post on social media for extra entries, and paste the link to wherever you shared as a reply to your original comment. You can have an extra entry if you share something you learned from Tim's video on school visits.

Thank you for reading!

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28 thoughts on “Instructor Stories: Tim McCanna”

  1. *not sure if my comment posted due to error. But id pick Barnyard Boogie. Im so excited to learn about Tims class!

  2. Carole Meyer-Rieth

    Looking forward to the intensive! I’d like to receive the first book that Tim would pull off the shelf when a new friend visits and asks to read a book he has written. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Myrna, for the post and thanks also to Tim for running the intensive. I would like a copy of Watersong because it contains onomatopoeia and is available via Book Depository.

  4. Fredette Forbes

    I love Tim’s intensive ! So much information!
    His book “Watersong” would love to have a place in my children’s library!

  5. Looking forward to take this class
    with a lucky charms,
    I will win the Watersong book,

    Regards, Yvette

  6. I would love Barnyard Boogie. Does it come with the music from the promo? (LOL) This is the kind of book that would be SOOOOOOOO fun at a toddler storytime. I want to do Toddler Storytime. I wish there was a way for me to do storytimes at libraries and not actually be employed. It is the only thing I miss about my old life.

  7. Elizabeth Westra

    Sounds exciting! If chosen I’ll gladly take whatever you think my grand-kids and I would enjoy.

  8. Wow! Tim is so talented!! I have been afraid of approaching rhyme because I know how difficult it is. Tim Canna makes it lookalike a lot of fun 🙂

  9. Thanks Myrna. Tim McCanna is my new favorite author. I love his books because of their sounds. One of my favorite is Boing! A Very Noisy ABC because it teaches children to read with the sounds of the letters. Like G = GRRRRRRR.

  10. I absolutely loved seeing Tim read In A Garden, in a garden! The artwork and story lines are beautiful. I would love a copy of the book, thank you for the opportunity!

  11. Hannah Roy LaGrone

    Took this mini-class earlier this year and it was an awesome learning experience! I’d love Barnyard Boogie!

  12. I enjoyed Tim’s mini course so much! The lists he shared with us were exceplent. The course was logical 🙂 and fun and I would highly recommend it. His video about school visits is also concise with many tips especially to tick down to make sure you thought of everything. Well done and thank you, Tim! I just watched his video reading “In My Garden” and would love a copy! –

  13. I just love Tim. He is an awesome rhyming writer and a great picture book story teller. I would love to have a copy of “In a Garden “.

  14. Judy Sobanski

    I really enjoyed Tim’s mini-course. He has lots of great tips for writing in rhyme. I would love to win “In a Garden”.

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