Instructor Stories: Isabella Kung

Isabella Kung, one of our Illustration instructors, shares how she organizes her creative space and time. Book giveaway included!

How to Find the Right Mentor

Storyteller Academy instructor and mentor Jim Averbeck explains how to find the right kind of mentor for your creative endeavors.

Julie Downing of Storyteller Academy

Instructor Stories: Julie Downing

Julie Downing, one of our Illustration instructors, shares how she set up her art studio to work without distraction. Book giveaway included!

Instructor Stories: Ken Lamug

Myrna introduces Ken Lamug as the instructor for Storyteller Academy’s upcoming course on graphic novels. Book giveaway included!

Student Success Stories: Todd Sturgell

Storyteller Academy’s Myrna Foster interviews Todd Sturgell about his debut picture book, Except Antartica. This success story includes a giveaway and QueryTracker information.

Student Success Stories: Katy Tanis

Myrna Foster interviews Storyteller Academy student Katy Tanis about illustration projects, book deals, critique groups, and other things. This post includes two book giveaways: I AM THE JUNGLE and LOVE IN THE WILD.

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