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Publishing Success Stories

"I absolutely loved Arree's course. If you are interested in creating engaging stories for children, I highly recommend taking the course".
- Abi Cushman, Debut Author & Illustrator, Viking 2020

Arree’s course made me sit down, get out paper, figure out page turns and do my work. When I made the dummy, I could just see it. The key is making the dummy.

- Elaine Kearns, Debut Author of Noah Noasaurus, Albert Whitman, Co-Founder of KidLit411

You have ideas stuck in your head. And some of them are amazing ideas that can become incredible stories.

What will you do with your idea?

Will you sit on it, waiting for the inspiration to strike?

Or will you learn the craft, put in the work, and become the storyteller you are meant to be?



The Four Departments at Storyteller Academy


Everything starts with story. Our courses and intensives will help you become an expert storyteller. You will learn the ins and outs of writing, making dummies, crafting voice, and revision. You will learn from authors and illustrators publishing books each year.


If you want to illustrate and become a visual storyteller, we will teach you! Everyone is born creative, and unlike what most people think, artistic skills can be taught. You will learn how to draw, paint and design. These skills will help you tell stories visually.


You've got a great story and the art to go with it. Great. So what's next? How do you submit? What do you need? Getting published requires relationship building, research, and some basic marketing. We'll help you get submission ready, build your portfolio, plan conference appearances, and start your online presence.


Congrats! You've received your first contract. You're getting published! What's the next step? Getting published is just the beginning of your journey as a published author. Next, you'll learn how to produce books consistently and grow your author presence. We'll also look at how to grow your income through speaking opportunities, teaching, and offering products and services related to your author business.

What's Inside the Makers Membership?

Signature Courses Taught By the Pros

6 Modules Over 9 Weeks

Crafting Picture Book Stories

  • Learn how to develop and evaluate ideas for picture books.
  • Develop stories around a story framework.
  • Exercises and workshops to develop your story.
  • 6 live workshops.
  • Critique group led by Arree, limited to 5 (additional fee).

Arree walks you through the creative process for developing ideas and characters into stories.


Arree Chung
Author & Illustrator

Writing Picture Book Manuscripts

  • Learn how to develop ideas and write manuscripts for picture books.
  • Learn Jim's development process & revision techniques.
  • Exercises, workshops, & step-by-step guides.
  • 6 live workshops.
  • Critique group led by Jim, limited to 5 (additional fee).


Jim Averbeck
Author & Illustrator

Making Picture Book Dummies

  • Learn how to build a dummy and revise your story through a dummy.
  • Learn visual composition for storytelling.
  • Exercises, workshops, & step-by-step guides.
  • 6 live workshops
  • Critique group led by Arree, limited to 5 (additional fee).


Arree Chung
Author & Illustrator

Submission Ready

  • Learn what editors look for in submissions.
  • Learn what bookstores stock and how editors acquire books.
  • Exercises, workshops, & step-by-step guides.
  • 6 live workshops.
  • 2 critique groups led by Ariel & Melissa, limited to 2 groups of 5 (additional fee).


Ariel Richardson Children's Editor Chronicle Books

Melissa Manlove Senior Editor Chronicle Books

Character Design

  • Learn how to design characters for children's books.
  • Build a unique character with model sheets and expressions.
  • Exercises, workshops, & step-by-step guides.
  • 6 live workshops.
  • 1 critique group led by Vanessa, limited to 5 (additional fee).


Vanessa Brantley Newton
Author Illustrator

Drawing Bootcamp

  • Learn fundamental drawing concepts.
  • Understand how to stylize.
  • Construct figures and animals.
  • Draw perspective.
  • 6 live workshops for Makers Pro members.
  • Critique Group led by Arree, limited to 5 (additional fee)

Arree walks you through the creative process for telling stories visually.

TERMS: SPRING 2019, Fall 2019

Arree Chung
Author Illustrator



Starts: Jan 26, 2019

Ends: Mar 23, 2019

Courses Available: 

  • Crafting Picture Book Stories
  • Drawing Bootcamp
  • Submission Ready

*Makers Pro Members get to sign up for mentored critique groups first.


Starts: Apr 27, 2019

Ends: Jun 22, 2019

Courses Available: 

  • Writing Picture Book Manuscripts
  • Making Picture Book Dummies
  • Character Design

*Makers Pro Members get to sign up for mentored critique groups first.


Starts: Jul 20, 2019

Ends: Sept 14, 2019

Courses Available: 

  • Crafting Picture Book Stories
  • Drawing Bootcamp
  • Writing Picture Book Manuscripts

*Makers Pro Members get to sign up for mentored critique groups first.



Starts: Oct 12, 2019

Ends: Dec 14, 2019

Courses Available:  

  • Making Picture Book Dummies
  • Character Design
  • To Be Announced

*Makers Pro Members get to sign up for mentored critique groups first.


 Plus You Get These Monthly Intensives

JANUARY - Creative Focus & Habits

Get organized & build habits to finish your creative projects.


FEBRUARY- Writing Voice with Carter Higgins

Learn how to craft different voices for your picture book story.

MARCH - Build an Author Website with Ken Lamug

Build your author website and get ready to submit to editors and agents.


APRIL - Photoshop Basics with Arree Chung

Learn the tools of Adobe Illustrator and practice making characters.

MAY - Picture Book Rhyme with Diane Murray

Learn how to properly rhyme for picture books.


JUNE - Adobe illustrator with Jannie Ho

Learn the tools of Adobe Illustrator and practice making characters and props.

JULY - Early Readers with Marcie Colleen

Learn what makes an early reader story vs. a picture book story. You will craft an early reader concept in this workshop.

AUGUST - Shapes & Textures with Kenard Pak

Learn how to design shapes and how to create textures for your illustrations.

SEPTEMBER - Watercolors with Jessixa Bagley

Learn how Jessixa uses watercolor to illustrate her picture books. Experiment with her techniques and make beautiful watercolor illustrations.


OCTOBER - Symbolism & Storytelling with Kathryn Otoshi

Learn how Kathryn uses symbolism to make powerful picture books that reach kids

NOVEMBER- Dashka Slater: Teach, Don't Preach

Learn how to tell stories with messages that don’t preach down to children.

DECEMBER- Arree Chung: Business Basics

Learn how to use design principles in designing your picture book story. We’ll study characters from classic books and review how the story was built around the character’s problems.

 And These Additional Benefits!
1. Save money by joining the Makers membership.
2. Makers members are first to enroll in courses each term.
3. Makers are also first to join mentored critique groups led by story coaches.
4. Your membership price is fixed. So the price of your membership will never increase so long as you stay current.


1. Enroll in a Course Each Term
2. Join a Critique Group
3. Partake in the Monthly Intensives
What's My Investment?
Sold separately, everything included in the Makers Pro membership would be valued at over $2,400.


$1,400 Four Courses, One Per Term ($350 Retail Price Per Course)

$720 | 12 Intensives | One Per Month ($60 Retail Price Per Intensive)

$350 Critique Group Placement and Zoom Access For Critique Groups


When you join Makers for 2019, you'll get access to all of the courses and intensives for one low price.

Enrollment Closes on Wednesday 1/30 at Midnight PST









Book Marketing Lessons & Workshop Replay

Bonus Expires on Sunday, 4/21

The Book Business Lessons

Bonus Expires Tuesday, 4/23

Creative Breakthrough

Bonus Expires Tuesday, 4/23

Compilation of 2018

Ask Me Anything Sessions

Arree's Dummy



Q- Do we need to buy a course or courses to be able to take advantage of Makers Pro?
A- You don’t need to buy anything to join the membership. With Makers and Makers Pro, you’ll be able to take one class per term and join the monthly intensives. Overall, you will save 80% off of the retail price when you join the Makers membership. Join Makers Pro, and you are done.

Q- What’s the difference between Makers and Makers Pro?A- The main difference is Makers is mostly a self-study plan. So you can take the classes and have access to the monthly intensives, but it does not include LIVE workshops (or the replays for the workshops) of courses and intensives.

Q- I’ve taken a lot of courses already and already have a great critique group. How will Makers benefit me?
A- It’s difficult to say without seeing your work, but Makers is access to a team of Story Coaches and a community. With 12 intensives through the year, you will work on all areas of your craft, including storytelling/writing, art, career building, and building your creative business.

We at Storyteller Academy believe in LIVE workshops and building the community. You will learn a lot from the workshops with industry experts. Jim, Vanessa, Ariel, and Melissa all have over 15 years of experience each. I’m sure you will grow from taking their courses. (Mine are great too!)

Q- If I bought a class previous to Makers, do I still have access to the class and workshops?
A- Yes, if you bought a class in previous to 2018, you have forever access to the course and you are grandfathered into having access to the workshops.

Q- I’m in a peer-to-peer critique group. Can our group stay together, and can we continue to have access to a Zoom link provided by Storyteller Academy?
A- All peer-to-peer critique groups inside Storyteller Academy remain free to students who have taken a course at Storyteller Academy or are an active Makers member. To get a Zoom link for a critique group, the critique group must have at least three active Makers Pro members.

Q- If I’m enrolled in Makers Pro, is there an additional charge for individual critique groups?
A- Peer-to-peer critique groups are free inside Storyteller Academy. Makers Pro members also get the benefit of critique group placement by our critique group coordinator. Critique groups with three Makers Pro members can get a Zoom link for their critique group. If you want to join a mentored critique group, there is an additional fee of $600.

Q- What's included in the $600 mentor group?
A- Mentored critique groups are lead by professional Story Coaches. There are three meetings each term. The meetings occur on the “Implementation Week” of each term. Groups meet online using Zoom. Each group is limited to five members. Each member is guaranteed to review work for 20 minutes.

Q- What if I miss one mentored critique group meeting. Can I have a makeup?
A- If a student misses a critique group, the Storyteller Academy instructor will offer one make-up one-on-one. If a student misses more than one critique group meeting, no additional make-ups will be offered.

Q- What is the cancellation policy for mentored critique groups?
A- A 100% refund will be given to students who purchase mentored critique groups and ask for a refund two weeks prior to the first critique group. If a student cancels within two weeks from and before the first critique groups meeting, 70% of the fee will be refunded. After the first critique group, there will be no refunds offered, since the critique group has started and enrollment is closed.

Q- I'm unsure how many classes I'll take this year. Is it better to buy a class at time or is it better to enroll in the membership?
A- It’s better to enroll in the Makers Pro membership because you’ll be saving 80% off of the cost of the courses and intensives. Enrolling in one class and a handful of intensives will pay for the cost of the membership. If you take two courses for the whole year, you will be saving versus purchasing individually.

What People Are Saying About Storyteller Academy
"As an elementary school art teacher with a 10-year tenure, armed with a master's in education, I thought I was capable of writing and illustrating a picture book in a fairly decent way.  Little did I know that I didn't know about the ABC's of crafting a good picture book. This course is the best thing that happened to me in helping me both understand and practice the art of compelling storytelling. " Dorothy Wawa

Art Teacher / Storyteller

“I have learned rule-after-rule about picture book writing …but the creative side of me got buried in that immense load of left-brain wonderful knowledge. I have had some great past instructors, but I could not get to the fun and creative side of my imagination to bring my stories forth and on paper…until now. All that has changed … thanks to this course with Arree Chung.

This course is so well put together.  It especially keeps up with the style of the printed picture books of today increasing your potential for publication.

The creative side of writing and, if you wish, illustrating your picture book ideas can be done here with the help of Arree and Storyteller Academy.

I highly recommend Storyteller Academy.  And, I can’t say enough about the personable and encouraging Arree Chung.  His own recent published pictures books speak volumes of his knowledge and creativity.” Stella Lopez

Summer 2017 / Storyteller Academy Student

"I think this course ( Arree's) has been exactly what I needed to move forward. I can hardly wait to begin another story after I polish this one some more. I like your videos Arree! Seeing the work you put into developing your books and seeing examples are what works for me." Maggie Griessmeier


"I love the course so far, and I love that it is lifetime membership because 12 weeks isn't enough for me to polish my unwritten stories and ideas." Mikki Hwang

Summer 2017 / Storyteller Academy Student