General Questions
Q: Do you have a contact phone number?
A: You can always reach us at hello@storytelleracademy.com
Q: Why should I invest in this training today as opposed to waiting until later?
A: These workshops are only offered at select times during the year, so if you wait to sign up and it fills or closes, then you could wait a very long time for another class to start. The course will be going up in price in the future as well so you will save by enrolling now. Most importantly, the best time to start working on your story and being creative is now.
Q: What will happen immediately after I complete my registration?
A: After you submit your order, you’ll create a username and password. This is how you’ll access the online course. If you’ve signed up for a critique group, we’ll be sending you an email to ask for time preferences. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase for your records.
Q: Are you giving us a list of recommended books to read?
A: Yep! After you register, you will receive a list of book to read. These books are books that I love of course and we take an in depth look at many of the books in the course.
Q: Will this course guarantee me to become a published author?
A: No one can guarantee that you will become a published author. If anyone says they can, be skeptical and run the other way. Our mission here at Storyteller Academy is to provide you honest and helpful insights into our own creative processes and to build community. I truly believe if you work on your craft and make stories that are unique to you, that publishing success will follow. Storyteller Academy will help support you in developing your story through education and community.
Q: Did it take you a long time to have your book published?
A: Yes, it did. There is no magic bullet. For me, I spent seven years studying art and another five years learning how to make picture books. Some people think five years is a long time, and some think that is short. Through education, mentorship, critique groups and a whole lot of work, you will get published. No one can guarantee you when. Focus on putting in the work and learning the craft of storytelling. (Plus it’s fun!)

About the Course

Q: How does the online course work?
A: Lessons and exercises are distributed weekly on the course site on Saturdays. You will have time throughout the week to review the lesson and complete the exercises.
Q: What if we miss any classes?
A: The course is online so you can watch lessons at anytime at your own convenience. Critique Groups are held weekly and will be recorded and available for reply. One on One meetings can be rescheduled within 30 days of the original appointment date.
Q: What if I’m not tech savvy?
A: You don’t have to be tech savvy to use the digital tools we use. We have worksheets and videos to help and we’ll happily jump on a call with you to help you learn it. If you’re comfortable with basic internet and email, you should be just fine.
Q: How is Making Picture Book Stories different than other storybook making courses on the market?
A: While we obviously can’t speak to every storybook making course on the market, we believe this course is the most in depth and intimate experience on the market. Making Picture Book Stories is like having an apprenticeship with Arree. Arree shares his work process, his early drafts and even his failures. Who does that? Us. In addition, there are critique groups for you to join so you can start building relationships that last.
Q: What is a Critique Group?
A: Your Critique Group is a group of peers that provide you with feedback and a creative community. If you are a bit quiet or shy - we're here to reassure you that it is okay. Many creative people are quiet types just like you. Joining a Critique Group is very important. Your unique Group is the 'magic' that can give you a whole new perspective on your work, motivate you, provide hints tips and insights, and can help you solidify ideas.

Depending on the course you choose, your Critique Group will be personally guided by Arree, another published author, or will be self organized and run by you and a small group of your peers.
You will have the opportunity to sign up for a Critique Group time slot within the first couple weeks of the course. Groups meet every other week on Thursdays. We'll be joining our critique groups using Zoom - an online meeting tool.
Q: Will the course be on weekends?
A: The course releases a new class each Saturday at storytelleracademy.com. You can login anytime and watch at your own convenience. You can even download the videos! Critique Groups meet on Thursday evenings.
Q: Can I watch courses on my phone, tablet or mobile device?
A: Yes! Your courses are accessible from most internet browsers and that includes your mobile device. So you can watch them in a box, you can watch them with a fox, and you can watch them in a house, and you can - you get the point!

Course Access

Q: After I purchase, will I always have access to the online course?
A: Yes, and forever, yes. On top of that, you’ll be upgraded to the new version of the course as Arree adds more material. Storyteller Academy runs three terms a year (Spring, Summer and Fall) so once you purchase the course, you can always participate in the course and make stories with other storytellers indefinitely.
Q: Can I get access to the training all at once, or do I have to go through it week-by-week?
A: The course starts on the start date of each term and a new module is released each week. We strongly recommend that you consume the course at the recommended pace of one module a week. We’ve found that students experience the best results with this consumption model.

Ability, Skills & Preparation

Q: How important is technical skill. Is formal training such as art school important?You didn't start as an illustrator, but acquired the skill later on, but what if I wasn't trained but self taught?
A: Technical skill in drawing is not a requirement but the willingness to try, to be vulnerable is required. When you were five years old, you probably weren’t afraid of drawing right? What stops most people from drawing is fear. So the willingness to try and not let fear stop you is required. Included in the course are guides and lessons on drawing that anyone can do. Through building a dummy, you will learn how to pace your story and how to set up page turns.
Q: I know I want take the course but I don’t have any ideas for a story yet. What if I can’t come up with an idea?
A: In the first two weeks, we cover concepts about creativity and coming up with ideas. Arree share’s his creative practice in coming up with ideas as well as a few exercises to make stories. You will find an idea for a story. The hard work part is actually deciding what idea to pursue and then work on developing it.
Q: Will the class help with developing characters?
A: Yes! We dedicate two weeks to developing characters. In week 3, we’ll look at how a story is often built around a character’s problem. In week 4, we dive into some exercises in developing a memorable character.
Q: How will it work if you already have stories you are working on?
A: If you choose you can continue to develop a story that you have already or you can start on a new concept, starting with the creative process we outline in the course. You will have the luxury of choosing which story idea you pursue.


Q: What if this training isn’t a fit? What if I’m disappointed with the course?
A: No problem. We offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. So if you register for the Making Picture Book Stories course and don’t think it’s worth every penny, we will promptly refund your money. We will ask one question. How can we make the course better? Just send an email to help@storytelleracademy.com and if you’re still within the generous refund period, a member of our team will happily process your request.


Q: What if I have questions or need support?
A: We are here to help. Simply submit any questions you have to our support team via email at: hello@storytelleracademy.com. Also, we will be holding regular “Office Hour” Q&A calls, so if you have a question, you will get an answer.